WOW – birther bill dies in committee

by Craig McDermott, cross-posted from Random Musings


Quick hit-

The first bill heard in Monday's Senate Judiciary Committee, SB1526, was a "birther" bill.  Sponsored by the committee chair, Sen. Ron Gould, it looked to have easy sailing through committee, but led by Democrats Kyrsten Sinema and Steve Gallardo, the committee turned the bill back.

Republicans John McComish, Adam Driggs, and Rick Murphy joined Sinema and Gallardo in questioning the expansiveness of the bill and voted against it.

The bill isn't "dead" until the end of the session (it can come back as a strike-everything amendment to another bill at any time), but this is a stinging defeat for Gould.

I'd say he has a sour look on his face, but that's normal for him.  🙂

Seriously though, he doesn't look happy.

More later…


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