Yes, he really said it (“Here in Arizona, if you have your Colt 45 . . .”)


 by David Safier

It's always better than even money that, when AZ Republicans are accused of making outlandish, even dangerous statements, they actually made them. But being the cautious type, I like to wait for proof.

Here it is. In a legislative hearing on black helicopters the "Agenda 21 UN-Communist Conspiracy," Rep. Bob Thorpe (R-Flagstaff) asked the audience to stay quiet during the hearing by saying, "Please refrain from laughing and clapping, but here in Arizona if you do have your Colt 45, please feel free to shoot it into the air." As Steve Farley, who participated in the hearing, noted, the Senate Floor is directly above the hearing room. Here's the 7 second  video of the moment. Farley promises to put a video of the entire hearing on Facebook.