Yes Virginia, Arizona is debating minting its own currency


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A few weeks ago, the Commonwealth of Virginia was debating a bill to mint its own currency (in violation of the U.S. Constitution) in the unlikely event of the collapse of the United States. Virginia Del. Robert G. Marshall (R), sometimes referred to as "Sideshow Bob," wanted a taxpayer-financed study to examine the feasibility of Virginia having its own currency.

"As Marshall sees it, state policymakers have reason to fear the wholesale collapse of American civilization — his strange theory has something to do with the Federal Reserve and the Weimar Republic — and should prepare for the possibility that American currency might someday soon have no value." Virginia will not have its own currency:

It's only fair, then, that I note that the effort came to an abrupt end yesterday.

The U.S. dollar will remain the only legal tender in the commonwealth for now. The Virginia Senate today killed a House proposal that would have established a joint subcommittee to study the feasibility "of a metallic-based monetary unit" as an alternative to the dollar. […]

"It seems to me we're facing a serious question: do we want to be ridiculed on 'Saturday Night Live' again? I suggest we don't and that we vote against the resolution," Sen. Janet D. Howell, D-Fairfax said today.

Under the circumstances, that seems like a reasonable standard.

Well Senator Howell, have no fear, because Arizona has its very own "Sideshow Bob," Sen. Chester Crandell, R-Heber.

Like "Sideshow Bob" in Virginia, Crandell fears the wholesale collapse of American civilization, so he wants Arizona to mint its own currency. Panel moves to make gold, silver coins legal tender:

Arizonans who fear the federal government will make their folding money worthless may soon be able to substitute privately minted gold and silver coins.

The Senate Finance Committee on Wednesday took the first steps to making such coins legal tender in Arizona. SB 1439 would give them the same legal status as the bills and coins authorized by Congress.

Nothing in the proposal by Sen. Chester Crandell, R-Heber, would force anyone to actually accept these coins as payment for any debt. Their use would be voluntary.

Crandell pretends to be to too clever by half:

The measure is crafted in a way intended to get around a provision of the U.S. Constitution that bars states from minting their own coins. But supporters also note it says states cannot "make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts."

That, they contend, permits states to recognize coins minted by others.

* * *

But Sen. Steve Farley, D-Tucson, questioned whether something else was at play. He said a similar Utah law adopted in 2011 was pushed by Old Glory Mint, a company that makes these gold and silver coins.

That's a clue reporter boys and girls — is Crandell pushing unconstitutional special legislation to benefit a company the way that Sen. Cap'n Al Melvin is pushing special legislation to benefit a company? Are you going to look into this?

Don't worry Virginia. Arizona is a regular staple of the late night comics.

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  1. Yea, there is no real need for SNL to make fun of Arizona when it already has done such a fine job of mocking the US government already..

    As far as encouraging the use of gold and silver coin I have to agree that such a step hardly seems necessary considering how well the Federal Reserve System has done to maintain a continually declining value of the imaginary construct widely known as the US dollar.

    Only a fool and Glenn Beck would prefer to use gold or silver coin as an measure of long lasting value. Who would want that? Yea, that’s the ticket.