This is getting old. Monday night’s Clean Election debate was aired on Phoenix PBS Channel 8 and, of course, there was not one question on the candidates’ stances on reproductive rights. It’s as if the entire MSM here has developed amnesia about the legislature here and their constant attempts to restrict and deny access to common forms of women’s health care like abortions and contraception. Whoever is governor is going to be getting a buttload of bills concerning the proper use of the female chattel and their ladyparts. It matters who that Governor is and the candidates ought to be asked to provide detailed answers on their positions. I mean, dear lord, couldn’t these media people at least consider how much of their precious, holy tax money is going to go to defending these things in court? I guess not.


The topic of SB1062 did come up and Doug Ducey (R) defensively huffed that he’d “bring people together” on the new version of the bill that you know will be going straight to his desk if Arizonans are dumb enough to elect him. Trust me, the only people he’s going to bring together are religious bigots and other religious bigots and it’ll be the exact same bill only they’ll sell it on pharmacists not having to dispense the evil slut pills rather than on bigots who don’t want to serve LGBT people.

On three occasions Ducey brought up his endorsement by Dem state senator Catherine Miranda. I try not to be a retroactive armchair debate coach but I’m disappointed that Fred DuVal (D) didn’t seize one of those opportunities to respond with something like this: “Catherine Miranda is from my party but she holds terrible positions on women’s health and opposes a woman’s right to choose, just as you do, Doug. You are welcome to that endorsement.” Bam. Opening made. Possibly might have spurred question from moderator Ted Simons. None was going to be forthcoming otherwise, obviously.

So here’s where I, once again, direct my commentary to wobbly Democrats: Look, Republicans don’t just obligingly blurt out Todd Akin-type statements randomly during general elections and if you expect that from anyone but Trent Franks here in Arizona you are going to be waiting a long time. The reason Akin screwed up is because he was being asked about his position by a radio host, a friendly one, but on the radio nonetheless. And the reason Akin was being asked about exceptions for rape victims was because his opponent Claire McKaskill made an issue of his anti-choice positions, which I’m sure was done over the objections of the nervous nelly Dems who think it’s still 1989 and that this issue hurts us. Ask the Colorado Dems who got elected in 2010, while it was a bloodbath everywhere else for Democrats, about how attacking their opponents’ anti-choice stances was a bad idea. Never miss a chance to point out their anti-choice positions, Democrats!

And now that we have a sitting Dem senator actively sabotaging our Democratic gubernatorial nominee, is it time to consider dis-inviting the “pro-life” Dems from the tent already? Just a thought.