Your COVID Mother’s Day

A Mother’s Day bouquet, Arizona style.
My Mom with her best Mother’s Day gift to date.
My Mom a couple years ago.

I actually cannot remember the last time we did this here on BlogForArizona: just leave an open thread for comments on a subject.

We should probably make it more regular.

This isn’t a subject for a monologue, it a subject for stories – your stories – tell us your story of this Mother’s Day in pandemic. Or just opine if you must, but be kind to each other. We all need some kindness in these times.

We’ll share our stories and some of yours in an upcoming post, b/c, u no, TLDR. Quarantine tends to somehow be so busy. Who knew?

It is Mothers Day: though too many are suddenly not here for it, let’s be that much more grateful for those who are still with us.


  1. I’ll start by saying I wasn’t close to my Mom, as she was too domineering, but she did value education, efficiency, promptness. I became a better, more loving Mom to our son, and now a devoted grandmother. Life is what you make of it, even with adversity. Be happy. Happy Mother’s Day.

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