Zombie ‘Tenther’ bills rise from the dead in the AZ House


6a00d8341bf80c53ef019103d205f6970c-120wiZombie bills from the Neo-Confederate “Tenthers” who want to nullify federal laws are rising from the dead in the Arizona legislature. It’s never final until side die.

Rep. Kelli Townsend’s bill HB 2541, which grants a state, county, city or town the authority to access federal lands during an emergency situation, was defeated last week after staff legal counsel informed legislators it is unconstitutional.

On Tuesday, this zombie bill came up for a vote on a motion for reconsideration and this time passed. Tea-Publicans switched their votes on a shaky promise from Townsend that she would fix the language of the bill so that it passes constitutional muster.

You really are going to rely on someone who is a tool of the Tenth Amendment Center to write constitutional language? Their stated purpose is interposition and nullification of federal laws.

Another bill from “Tenther” Townsend, HCR 20227, calling for an Article V Convention to propose amendments to the United States Constitution (Balanced Budget Amendment), also was defeated last week.

Today, this zombie bill is on the Third Read Calendar for the House on a motion for reconsideration. This really stupid idea needs to be defeated again. Call your legislators.