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So there I was, with my insomnia, watching Craig Ferguson Wednesday night, when what did I see but this ri-donk-ulous ad from the Republican Governor’s Association. It claimed that Fred DuVal personally and single-handedly raised college tuition rates in Arizona an astronomical amount while serving on the Board of Regents. My first thought was that this is a brazen Swiftboating of DuVal, one that not only attacks one of his biggest strengths as a candidate (education), but will also get by the fact-checkers with an “inconclusive” rating because it’s technically true that tuition went up while DuVal served as a Regent. Conveniently omitted is the fact that the Legislature, not the Regents, were the ones who cut funding per college student by one third since 2007. What a bunch of lying scumwads, thought I. Continue reading

Fact Checking Doug Ducey’s new ad

“Cathi’s Clown” Doug Ducey began his general election campaign with what the GOP-Friendly Arizona Republic (it endorsed Ducey in the GOP primary) referred to this way: GOP governor nominee Ducey airs new upbeat ad:

ice creamThe 30-second ad shows Ducey speaking one-on-one to the camera, sitting at a conference table in a business meeting and speaking in a park with constituents.

“The next governor comes in at a time of real opportunity,” Ducey, the former CEO of Cold Stone Creamery, says in the ad. ” On day one, I want to put forward a plan to kick-start our economy. I want to make our tax code more simple, I want to sign a moratorium to stop any new regulations going forward, and I want to have a bill that helps fund and clear our wait list at our finest schools.”

He continues, “The border’s critical, but so is growing the economy and creating jobs. I built a business, now I want to shrink a government and grow an economy.”

I recommend that political reporters invest in an Enigma machine to break the conservative code language that Dicey Ducey speaks in. Let’s break it down.

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3 films at the Loft in Tribute to Robin Williams


Jumanji / A Tribute to Robin Williams

Saturday, August 30 at 11:00am, Loft Theater, 3233 E. Speedway Blvd.

General Admission: $3 • Loft Members: $2

Good Will Hunting / A Tribute to Robin Williams

Sunday, August 31 at 11:00am

General Admission: $3 • Loft Members: $2

Hook / A Tribute to Robin Williams

Monday, September 1 at 11:00am

General Admission: $3 • Loft Members: $2

Carolyn’s note: Like millions of people, I enjoyed the late Robin Williams’ films.  Just watched “Jumanji” again on Netflix and was amazed how scary it was for children.  Loved “Good Will Hunting” years ago since I used to live in Boston, and always fantasized about the Lost World of Peter Pan and Captain Hook.  Hope you enjoy seeing these 3 films again at such a great price over the Labor  Day weekend. See you at the movies.





Dicey Ducey Ducking Debates

In the waning weeks of the GOP primary for governor, Doug Ducey made a habit out of ducking debates with his opponents to avoid giving them any opportunity to confront him directly on the issues, and to avoid making any gaffes. Opponents question recent Ducey debate absences.

chickenbunkerDicey Ducey prefers to let Sean Noble from the “Kochtopus” dark money network behind his campaign do his dirty work for him through false or misleading television ads.

Now Dicey Ducey is ducking debates again. The Pinal Partnership debate in Coolidge on September 4th had to be cancelled because Dicey Ducey ducked the debate.

Buck-Buck! Chicken!

Press release from the Fred DuVal campaign:

Debate Ducking Doug Strikes Again

Phoenix, AZ — The campaign of business and education leader Fred DuVal released the following statement today regarding Doug Ducey’s withdrawal from the Pinal Partnership debate in Coolidge on September 4th.

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Republicans for Ron Barber

News that you will never see in the Arizona Daily Star (“All the news that Jim Click says is fit to print”), because its political reporters only publish GOP press releases as “news.” Got to keep our advertisers happy.

Press release from the Ron Barber campaign:

More Than 100 Southern Arizona Republicans Endorse Ron Barber
Republican Leaders Stand With Ron at Kick Off of Southern Arizona Values Tour

Tucson, AZ – Today more than 100 Southern Arizona Republicans endorsed Ron Barber as the best leader to represent Arizona’s Second Congressional District, including former elected officials, business owners, and veterans. Republican leaders stood with Ron Barber this afternoon at the launch of his 2014 Southern Arizona Values Tour at his campaign headquarters in Tucson.


The Republican leaders endorsing Ron includes former Arizona State Representative Peter Hershberger, former Tucson mayor Bob Walkup, former Sierra Vista mayor Bob Strain, former Oro Valley mayor Paul Loomis, former Arizona Corporation Commissioner Kris Mayes, Sahuarita City Council member Lynne Skelton, former Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army General John Wickham, former Adjutant General of Arizona USAF General (Ret) David Rataczak, former A-10 pilot, USAF Lt Col (Ret) Tom Norris and Tucson area business owner John Wesley Miller.

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DCSRA Open House this Saturday

Screenshot-12The Democratic Club of the Santa Rita Area (DCSRA) is holding a Coordinated Campaign Open House this Saturday at its Headquarters, Continental Shopping Plaza, 240 W. Continental Road (exit 63), Green Valley.  Special guest is Congressman Ron Barber.

We will be gathering at DCSRA Headquarters from 5:00 PM – 6:30 for beverages and appetizers.  This will be a great opportunity for us all to get acquainted and fired up for the November election.  Please RSVP by contacting Courtney at 814.758.8881 or courtcochran28@gmail.com.

DCSRA has also invited the LD 2 incumbents, Senator Andrea Dalessandro, Rep. Rosanna Gabaldon, and Rep. Demion Clinco to the Coordinated Campaign Open House on Aug 30 (5:00-6:30 at HQ). Please stop by and greet our LD2 Dream Team!