Jennifer Rubin: Dr. Ben Carson is ‘entirely unfit for the presidency’

Ben Carson Makes Announcement About Seeking Republican Presidential NominationThe Washington Post‘s right-wing blogger Jennifer Rubin harshes on Dr. Ben Carson, saying he tops the GOP presidential field for buffoonery. The most unfit GOP candidate isn’t Trump:

Donald Trump wants to round up 11 million people in two years for deportation. He approves of Russia’s incursion into Syria. He has a tax plan that adds at least $10 trillion to the debt. And with all that, he is not the most ignorant or unfit GOP presidential contender. That distinction goes to Ben Carson.

Consider this from yesterday:

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that the Holocaust would have been “greatly diminished” had Jewish people in Europe been armed with guns.

“I think the likelihood of Hitler being able to accomplish his goals would have been greatly diminished if the people had been armed,” Carson said. “I’m telling you there is a reason these dictatorial people take guns first.”

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The Beltway media villagers lobby for The FlimFlam Man for Speaker

EddieMunsterThe Beltway media villagers deem who the Very Serious People are in Washington, D.C., and somehow the media villagers have bestowed the title of “policy wonk” on the GOP’s alleged boy genius, Ayn Rand fanboy Rep. Paul Ryan, “the zombie-eyed granny starver from the state of Wisconsin” as Charles Pierce refers to him.

The Beltway media villagers have always been wrong about the intellectual capacity of Rep. Ryan. The New York Times‘ columnist Paul Krugman has dismissively referred to Ryan as The Flimflam ManFlimflam ForeverAfter the FlimflamFlimflam, The Next Generation.

In short, Paul Ryan is an intellectual fraud in economics and tax policy. His base of supporters are the feckless Beltway media villagers who have deemed him a “policy wonk” and a “very serious person.”

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Despite economic forecasts, Arizona Lege is drafting a bill for a flat tax that transitions into a consumption tax to eliminate the state income tax

Economists who serve on the state Financial Advisory Committee paint a grim picture, saying they’ve given up on any post-recession boom in Arizona. and warning that the next recession could come soon. Budget forecast sets up school funding fight:

The Arizona Legislature and Gov. Doug Ducey will have about $250 million in additional ongoing revenue to work with as they begin develop the fiscal 2017 budget over the next few months, according to the latest projections from state financial experts.

[But] economists who serve on the state Financial Advisory Committee said they’ve given up on the arrival of any post-recession boom and warned that the next recession could come within the next couple of years.

They recommended state leaders neither institute any new major tax cuts nor any significant spending increases.

“It’s important we remember some of the lessons we learned in 2008 when we used $500 million in one-time money to finance ongoing spending,” said Joint Legislative Budget Committee Director Richard Stavneak.

Stavneak and other economists at Thursday’s meeting said historic trends indicate the nation is due for another recession within the next couple of years.

* * *

Stavenak said if the Legislature doesn’t significantly boost spending or tax cuts, the state could see a structural balance — where ongoing revenue outpaces ongoing spending — next fiscal year. It would be the first time since 2006 the state hasn’t been structurally in the red.

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New “Mood Adjustment Radio” on Power Talk 1210


These 3 co-hosts are the guys who bring you Laughing Liberally at Sky Bar on the last Sunday of every month, 7 to 9 p.m. Now they are moving their humor to the airways to spread their comedic messages on politics in Arizona and America. And they have a lot to joke about in the Republican dominated State of Arizona, and the numerous candidates (count them, right now — 15 Republicans running for U.S. President), plus some Dems (i.e. Bernie, Hillary) of course.

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