The “Hamas Buys Rockets, Not Food” Canard

The Zionist crowd is repeatedly invoking the allocation of resources by Hamas as justification for Israel’s aggression these days. Some of our local Arizona Zionists were sharing this quote from the Times of Israel on Facebook:

Over the past several years, thousands of rockets have been launched from Gaza, home to one of the supposed poorest people in the Middle East. How is there money for rockets but not food? How is there money for weapons and not infrastructure?

This has an emotional pull to it, especially if you already support the Zionist cause, but the logic is entirely Orwellian. The unavoidable implication is that the more harm inflicted by oppression and occupation the less resistance is justified.

Consider this: If there were no Israeli blockade, and the people of Gaza were not distressed economically, nobody could be making this argument. If the blockade were made even more suffocating (hard to imagine, but it is possible), this argument against Hamas purchasing arms could be made even more strongly.

In other words, the more inhumane Israel’s policies towards Gaza become, and the worse the stranglehold on Gaza’s economy is, the less justified would be the efforts to resist.

Oh well. Another day. Another dose of propaganda.

House GOP votes to approve the TanMan’s frivolous lawsuit against the president

Last month I posted Approval of Congress at an ‘historic low,’ and yet . . .

Gallup released a new poll on Thursday revealing that only seven percent of Americans have any real confidence in Congress, an historic low. Congress’s ‘historically’ low approval ratings are abusing the word ‘historic’.

The 113th Congress will be the least productive in history. Yes, President Obama is right. The 113th Congress will be the least productive in history.


What Senate Tea-Publicans do not obstruct with the greatest abuse of the Senate filibuster rules in American history, the weakest Speaker of the House in modern American history, John Boehner, the consensus “Worst. Speaker. Ever.” fails to bring up for a vote in the House. This is the less-than-less-than-do-nothing 113th Congress — managing to exceed the previous less-than-do-nothing 112th Congress in lack of productivity.

If you owned a business and these people worked for you, you would not hesitate to fire them.

But the the less-than-less-than-do-nothing 113th Congress, the “Worst. Congress. Ever.” today voted to sue the president on the grounds that he too must do nothing. The anti-government insurrectionists of the Tea-Publican Party have declared war on our democracy and the Constitution.


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Democrats’ emergency funding bill for refugee children crossing the border clears Senate hurdle

Well this is interesting. The GOP broke ranks today in the Senate and failed to filibuster the Democrats’ emergency funding bill to deal with refugee children crossing the border. The Hill reports, Emergency border bill advances in the Senate:

RefugeeChildrenThe Senate voted 63-33 to advance an emergency spending bill that would provide $2.7 billion in funding for the crisis at the border.

More than 10 Republicans joined Democrats in voting to end debate on the motion to proceed to the bill. Sens. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) and Kay Hagan (D-N.C.), who are up for reelection in November, voted against proceeding to the bill.

The border bill includes $615 million in emergency funding to combat wildfires in the west and $225 million for Israel’s Iron Dome rocket defense system, bringing the total cost of the legislation to more than $3.5 billion.

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GOP Impeachment Denialism

Screenshot-6The headline of the L.A. Times story reads Boehner rules out impeachment:

House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) insisted Tuesday there were “no plans” for impeachment, calling talk of the subject a “scam” designed by Democrats to raise money.

Oh geezus, another “Truther” conspiracy theory from the GOP. Impeachment denialism from the “Worst. Speaker. Ever.”  Democrats have released a memo documenting all the cases where Republicans are talking about impeachment. Philip Bump at the Washington Post provides a timeline of impeachment talk. Impeachment talk is back. Here’s a timeline of how we got here. Again.

Boehner’s point, that impeachment talk was a “scam” started by the White House, is not true. The current round of discussion about impeachment kicked into high gear when mentioned by former Alaska governor Sarah Palin in a Breitbart editorial earlier this month (which has since been parlayed into a video at her newly launched Web site). But while talk about impeaching Obama has largely occurred on the outskirts of the political conversation, it hasn’t only occurred there — and it didn’t just start recently.

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Attend PAAW (Pima Alliance for Animal Welfare) community meeting


Happy 49th Birthday, Medicare!

The Medicare program turns 49 today, despite the best efforts of the GOP since its inception to kill the program. Dr. Richard Propp of the Capital District Alliance for Universal Healthcare has a good editorial on Medicare on the occasion of its 49th birthday. Happy birthday, Medicare:

Happy-Birthday-Medicare-Graphic-182x162Happy 49th birthday, Medicare. What a bargain — what simplicity — and what a benefit, when compared to the cost and availability of health care to those under 65.

True, it doesn’t pay for everything. True, there are deductibles and co-pays. It is also true that while Medicare Advantage plans purport to provide greater benefits than those of traditional Medicare, these plans cost us, the taxpayers, more than traditional Medicare and restrict choice.

And most importantly, it is true that anti-government ultra-conservatives, like U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, try year after year to destroy Medicare as we know it, through proposed phony privatization schemes like vouchers. They prevaricate with myths such as “Medicare is broke” (or is going broke, or will go broke).

The birthday of Medicare on July 30 represents a good time to push back.

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