Trump election observers: RNC warns its members not to engage in poll watching or any other so-called ‘ballot security’ measures

VotersBack in August, Donald Trump said he was recruiting an army of election observers to guard against a “rigged” election. Trump campaign launches drive to recruit ‘election observers’.

This week, Trump added yet another GOP ratfucker to his team to run his election observer operation. Controversial Republican Mike Roman to run Donald Trump’s ‘election protection’:

Donald Trump’s “election protection” effort will be run by Mike Roman, a Republican operative best known for promoting a video of apparent voter intimidation by the New Black Panthers outside a polling place in 2008.

Roman is to oversee poll-watching efforts as Trump undertakes an unprecedented effort by a major party nominee by calling into question the legitimacy of the popular vote weeks before election day.

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(Update) SCOTUS: the defining issue in the 2016 election

Earlier this year I did a post SCOTUS: the defining issue in the 2016 election based upon an essay by election law attorney Rick Hasen, who had written this longread for TPM, which is well worth your time to read. It began:

The future composition of the Supreme Court is the most important civil rights cause of our time. It is more important than racial justice, marriage equality, voting rights, money in politics, abortion rights, gun rights, or managing climate change. It matters more because the ability to move forward in these other civil rights struggles depends first and foremost upon control of the Court. And control for the next generation is about to be up for grabs, likely in the next presidential election, a point many on the right but few on the left seem to have recognized.


Rick Hasen follows up his earlier essay this week with what may be considered his closing argument. Wake Up Progressives: The 2016 Election is Now All About the Supreme Court and Every Issue You Care About:

Tonight’s debate is going to focus in part on the Supreme Court, and for very good reason.

Barring some bombshell, the 2016 presidential election is over, and Hillary Clinton will beat Donald Trump. But control of the United States Senate is another matter. It is not at all clear who will win control of the Senate, and with Senate control comes the ability to confirm or block a Supreme Court appointment. And with a Supreme Court majority comes control of every important issue liberals and conservatives care about, from voting rights to the environment to abortion rights to gun rights. Let me take each of these points in turn.

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(Update) 10th Circuit rules against Kansas on proof of citizenship requirement for voter registration – what about Arizona?

Kansas and Arizona both use a “dual” election system based upon the form of voter registration one uses.

NoVoteBoth states refused to allow those who use the federal voter registration form, which requires only an attestation of U.S. citizenship, to vote in state and local races after losing a legal challenge earlier to require the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) to add the state-specific requirement of proof of citizenship to the federal voter registration form for Kansas and Arizona. Voters using the federal voter registration form can only vote in federal races.

This “dual” election system is being litigated in Kansas, and this week a unanimous 10h Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the arguments of Kansas in an 85 page Opinion (.pdf).

Arizona is not a party to this lawsuit, but it has been working in concert with Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, the GOP’s voter suppression specialist, in challenging the federal voter registration form for proof of citizenship. This decision is thus persuasive precedent to challenge Arizona’s “dual” election system.

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Tucson Weekly’s endorsements for General Election 2016


Been waiting to see whom the Tucson Weekly’s editorial board would endorse for the upcoming General Election of 2016.  They say  “Hell yes!” on both propositions 205 and 206, and endorsed the following candidates:

Pima County Supervisor D 1 :  Brian Bickel (D)

Pima County Supervisor D 3: Sharon Bronson (D), incumbent

Pima County Sheriff:  Mark Napier (R)

Pima County Assessor Bill Staples (D), incumbent

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John McCain flees from a reporter refusing to answer questions

Senator John McCain’s attack ads against Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick all rely on a video clip of her “walking out” on constituents at a “Chats with Ann” constituent event when questioned about the Affordable Care Act in 2009.

The ads say: “Kirkpatrick betrayed Arizona on Obamacare, walking out on constituents when questioned about it.” The ad shows Kirkpatrick walking out of an Aug. 6, 2009 meeting in Holbrook, Arizona.

PolitiFact fact-checked John McCain claims Democratic challenger walked out on constituents:

bullshitjPolitico reported that the event was overrun by protesters, noting that conservative interest groups had organized opposition to similar events across the country. Conservatives for Patients’ Rights, an anti-health care reform group, did have the Kirkpatrick’s event listed on their website.

* * *

“Ann was trying to answer questions, and was shouted down,” Kirkpatrick spokesman D.B. Mitchell said.

We were unable to find a full video from the 2009 chat, but an extended clip does appear to show several people shouting.

* * *

The ad fails to mention that Kirkpatrick went back to Holbrook for a town hall meeting on health care a month later.

Our ruling

While Kirkpatrick did walk out of the Holbrook grocery store, the ad fails to mention the protesters — and that she returned for a health care town hall a month later.

So some unruly White Mountain Tea Partiers decided to disrupt a constituent event, and McCain fails to mention any of this in his ads to portray Kirkpatrick in a false light. Mr. “honor” and “integrity” he’s not.

But now our boy Johnny has a video of his own in which he flees from a reporter, refusing to answer questions about Donald Trump and his statement this week about obstructing President Hillary Clinton with a “blockade” of any nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court. Karma is a bitch, Johnny.

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Senator Elizabeth Warren on the GOP myth of voter fraud

cartoon_65The Republican Party has for years perpetuated the myth of voter fraud for two purposes: (1) to suppress voter turnout, and (2) to delegitimize Democratic voters.

This GOP mythology has been so pernicious that this week a new poll demonstrates that “41 percent of voters say November’s election could be ‘stolen’ from Donald Trump due to ‘widespread voter fraud.'” Poll: 41 percent of voters say election could be ‘stolen’ from Trump.

This poll result is without any factual evidence to support the GOP’s voter fraud mythology. Trump thinks non-citizens are deciding elections. We debunked the research he’s citing.; Fact-checking two false claims by Trump alleging widespread voter fraud; Can you rig a U.S. presidential election? Experts say it’s basically impossible. (This poll confirms my long-standing theory that 42 percent of the American public is batshit crazy on any given day, believing in things that are demonstrably proven false).

Senator Elizabeth Warren in an op-ed at the Washington Post today writes, Trump didn’t invent the ‘rigged election’ myth. Republicans did.

Cratering in the polls, besieged by sexual assault allegations and drowning in his own disgusting rhetoric, Donald Trump has been reduced to hollering that November’s election is “rigged” against him. His proof? It looks like he’s going to lose.

Senior Republican leaders are scrambling to distance themselves from this dangerous claim. But Trump’s argument didn’t spring from nowhere. It’s just one more symptom of a long-running effort by Republicans to delegitimize Democratic voters, appointees and leaders. For years, this disease has infected our politics. It cannot be cured until Republican leaders rethink their approach to modern politics.

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