‘Uncovering the Truth’: Day Laborer Network Leaders Travel to El Salvador

NDLON poster

NDLON poster

Leaders from the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON), faith leaders, and academics are in El Salvador to assess the situation and determine why thousands of Central American children are traveling to the US, seeking asylum and relatives.

Between Over-Complication and the Overly Simple:
Day Laborer Network Leading US “Deported Dreams” Delegation 
in El Salvador
Migrant RIghts Organizers, Faith Leaders, Academics to Convene Forums, Initiate Community Development, Release Study Profiling Deportees
On the last day of college, the director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, Pablo Alvarado, left his home country atop a train headed toward the US with his little brother who had become the target of threats by death squads. Decades after their journey North, Alvarado is leading a delegation in the opposite direction to expand the conversation on migration, investigate root causes, and release a study of those Salvadorans who were returned by deportation instead of by choice.
Beginning Sunday, July 19th to the 27th, the National Day Laborer Organizing Network will bring organizers from the front-lines of the domestic immigrant rights movement accompanied by faith leaders and academics, hosting public forums on the dynamics of migration and releasing a new study “Deported Dreams” by the University of Central America in San Salvador.
“We are going to uncover the truth of what’s happening in Central America without the political spin,” explains Alvarado.  “To advocate effectively, we have to be grounded in reality and that is what we are going to witness in El Salvador.”

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Stop your whining America

A pair of related headlines today that really made my blood boil. First, from the New York Times, Millennials, Government and Mistrust (faith in government is collapsing among left-leaning Americans a poll has found), the second from the Washington Post, Americans hate Congress. They will totally teach it a lesson by not voting. (that’s sarcasm).


Are we raising a bunch of wusses these days? When previous generations of Americans were dissatisfied with the way things were going in America, they organized, mobilized and marched for a cause: for organized labor, for womens suffrage, for civil rights, and against unjust wars. People made sacrifices, they went to jail, they were beaten, and they were killed to achieve the rights that too many Americans today take for granted.

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GOP Clown Car Primary for Governor: putting the ‘goober’ in gubernatorial debates

ClownCarThe GOP Clown Car Primary for Governor held its Citizens Clean Elections debate Monday night on KAET Channel 8 (video replay not yet posted). Wow. These guys really put the “goober” in gubernatorial debates.

Only one candidate, former Mesa Mayor Scott Smith, sounded semi-sane which, of course, means that he is automatically disqualified as a RINO among GOP primary base voters.

“Cathi’s Clown” Doug Ducey and GoDaddy Girl Christine Jones continue to try to convince GOP primary base voters that they are the most virulently anti-immigrant candidate, but these poseurs clearly are not. GOP primary base voters know in their heart of hearts that Saint Andrew Thomas is the only proven anti-immigrant champion in this primary. You know him, you love him, you really want him. C’mon, just do it.

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The Arizona Republic endorses David Garcia for Superintendent of Public Instruction

I have long advocated for a “none of the above” option on the Arizona ballot. Only the state of Nevada affords its citizens this option. ‘None Of The Above’ Ballot Option In Nevada Upheld By Federal Appeals Court. Voters should have the right to register their disgust with their choice of candidates by voting, rather than staying at home.

education_appleThe Arizona Republic fka The Arizona Republican may finally be ready to join me in this lonely quest after it could not bring itself to endorse a Republican candidate in the GOP primary for Superintendent of Public Instruction. The Republic’s sole reason for existence is to promote Republicans for office, and even The Republic could not bring itself to endorse a Republican candidate in this race. No good choice in GOP schools race:

Two strong candidates are running for Superintendent of Public Instruction. Neither, however, is on the Republican primary ballot.

GOP primary voters are faced with a choice between an incumbent who fails to meet a basic civility threshold for public service, and a single-issue challenger whose depth of knowledge about education rivals a cardboard cutout.

* * *

We cannot recommend Huppenthal. But in this GOP primary, he is the best choice available.

Hence the need for voters to have the option of “none of the above.”

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Courts of Appeal split on semantics and statutory contruction of ‘ObamaCare’

Image: Supreme Court Upholds Obama's Affordable Care ActThe New England Journal of Medicine in a report published last week estimated that some 20 million Americans had been covered by the Affordable Care Act aka “ObamaCare.”

Early this morning, Tea-Publicans in Congress were celebrating the possibility that millions of their fellow American citizens would lose their health insurance after a panel of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 2-1 that the federal subsidies only apply to states that created their own health insurance exchanges. That could cripple the insurance exchanges and the ability of Americans to afford health insurance. What today’s Obamacare ruling reveals about the GOP.

Read the D.C. Circuit Court Opinion in Halbig v. Burwell Here (.pdf).

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Winos’ Guide to the Tucson Beer District

Coronet Cafe

The Coronet, a delightful new addition to 4th Ave.

Tucson has many new bars and restaurants along the modern street car route, but unfortunately, many of them are dedicated to beerI hate beer. I don’t care how trendy beer is these days. I still hate it. There I said it.

Both Zocalo and the Tucson Weekly recently published feature stories about “famous” Tucson bartenders who make fancy mixed drinks. Also not my thing.

What about my people? The wine drinkers. Where should we go for a decent pour at an affordable price in the downtown area? As a public service and in honor of the modern street car’s debut later this week, I have compiled a totally non-scientific review of 41 bars and restaurants along or near the modern street car route– from wine drinker’s point of view. Check out the rankings and photos after the jump.

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