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7 Reasons Why Bruce Wheeler Can Beat McSally

Among all the candidates running for Congress in Tucson, no one but Bruce Wheeler can say that he’s been elected three times from the district. That is the #1 reason that he can beat Martha McSally.

“I understand the district,” he said at a home reception in my own Precinct 238. “This is the district where Hillary won by 15,000 votes.”

Indeed, Wheeler was a state representative for Tucson from 1975-1977, a Tucson City Council member from 1987-1995, and state representative again from 2011 to 2017.

This gives him name recognition, which will be backed up by a door-to-door initiative and a social media campaign. Wheeler knows how to win elections.

It also gives him a leg up on other candidates like carpetbagger Ann Kirkpatrick – who has the backing of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and ex-Congressman Ron Barber  – and candidate Mary Matiella, who has the backing of Bill Roe, the First Vice Chairman of the AZ Democratic Party.

2. McSally is vulnerable this year, especially because she voted against health insurance for 22 million Americans. “I am absolutely convinced she will be defeated,” Wheeler said. “She is an enabler for Donald Trump’s policies.”

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Watch AZ Citizens Clean Elections debates online – LD 9 and LD 10 races

Arizona Citizens Clean Election Commission held 2 debates recently in Southern Arizona.  The LD 9 House debate was held at PCC Northwest campus on Oct. 14 and the LD 10 Senate & House debates were held at PCC  District Office on Oct. 18.

LD 9:  Rep.Randy Friese (D), Pam Powers Hannley (D) and Ana Henderson (R), seeking 2 House seats.

Rep. Matt Kopec (D), who was appointed to this seat in January,  was defeated in the Democratic  primary on August 30 by Hannley.  State Senator Steve Farley in LD 9 is running unopposed.

Watch LD 9 video here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVUJdERwUAM&feature=share

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“Ready to Go” with Tanque Verde Valley Democrats

Tanque Verde

UA Law Professor Kirsten Engel enters race for LD 10 House

Press release from Professor Kirsten Engel:

UA Law Professor Kirsten Engel

UA Law Professor Kirsten Engel

Kirsten Engel, a professor at the University of Arizona College of Law and the former Academic Dean, has launched her campaign for State Representative for Arizona Legislative District 10. A Democrat, Engel is running for the seat that will be vacated by House Minority Whip Bruce Wheeler with his endorsement.
“I have been honored to serve LD 10 and to fight for Southern Arizona. Kirsten Engel is a fantastic choice to continue my work” said Wheeler. “Kirsten is a highly qualified candidate whose passion for public education and the environment, together with her legal know-how and proven leadership abilities, will be great assets to the District.”
Asked why she decided to run for the State House, Engel was matter-of-fact: “The State is facing a crisis in education; from K-12, to JTED, to community colleges, to our world-renowned Universities. As the mom of a child in public school, as a lawyer and as a university teacher, I felt I could represent the interests of those most disadvantaged by the Republican legislature’s failure to fund education adequately. I’m running to make the case that an investment in education means a better economy for all Arizonans.”
Engel lives in Tucson with her husband Scott Saleska, who also teaches at the University of Arizona, their 11-year old daughter, and two dogs, Gracie and Zoey. Kirsten’s parents live down the street.
“I’m excited to use my skills and passion to make a difference for kids and working families here in Southern Arizona,” Engel said. “Tucson has become our family’s home; there’s so much we can do in Arizona if we had better leadership.” Engel recently served as the Academic Dean of the University’s Law College, a position she used to help expand programs and opportunities for students.
Engel is just as passionate about the environment, extolling the necessity of protecting our water and landscapes, and the opportunity for using Arizona’s natural resource of sunny skies to build an economic future in sustainable energy. “We all know that our future living in the desert requires us to preserve and enhance our state’s resources. This is serious business; we can’t afford to wait.”
Engel’s official campaign kickoff is Friday January 22nd, for details or to learn more about her candidacy and stance on the issues you can visit www.EngelForArizona.com.  Email is engelforarizona@gmail.com, FB page :https://www.facebook.com/EngelForArizona/?fref=ts



Carolyn’s note: Current LD 10 House rep. Bruce Wheeler will not be seeking re-election. The other LD 10 House Rep. Stefanie Mach is seeking re-election. Activist Courtney Frogge has already announced her candidacy, so there will be three candidates (so far) in the August 30, 2016 Democratic primary for these 2 House seats.

Activist Courtney Frogge announces for LD 10 House


Press release : Courtney Frogge has officially filed to run for State House in Legislative District 10.

 “I was raised to believe that if you work hard and play by the rules, the State of Arizona was full of opportunity and you could have a piece of the American dream – a quality public education, start a business, raise a family, and have a secure retirement. This was true for generations and can be true again, which is why I am running for State House in Legislative District 10,” Courtney Frogge explained.

 With the announcement, also came strong local and statewide support. In the first days of the campaign, Courtney Frogge has earned the endorsements of Representative Bruce Wheeler, who is vacating the seat, as well as district incumbents Senator David Bradley and Representative Stefanie Mach.

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HCR2016 ERA Ratification Bill Languishes on Speaker Tobin’s Desk

Victoria STEELEby Pamela Powers Hannley

Tucson Rep. Victoria Steele has introduced two bipartisan bills to advance the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in the Arizona Legislature. One has made it to committee, while the other is waiting on Speaker of the House Andy Tobin's desk.

HCR2016 is a bill to ratify the ERA. Although ERA ratification has 22 sponsors, including four Republicans, it hasn't made it "out of the gate" yet. According to an aid in Steele's office, HCR2016 hasn't had a "first read" yet. Bills are read first by Speaker Tobin, who determines committee assignments. If a bill is never assigned to a committee, it is dead in the water. (HB2016 text here.)

HCM2006 is a memorandum to the federal government asking that the ratification deadline be extended. HCM2006 has 19 sponsors, including two Republicans. The bill has been assigned to the Federalism and Fiscal Responsibility Committee (FFR) but hasn't made it on the committee's agenda… yet. (More about the committee here. HCM2006 text here.)

Bills can be killed in multiple ways: they can be voted down in committee, voted down by the Legislature, or just plain ignored by the Speaker or the committee chair. Although it's early in the session, it appears as if the ERA bills are being ignored– even though the ERA has bipartisan support in the Legislature and broad, popular support among the majority of Americans. (Sponsor list after the jump.)

That's where you come. You can contact Speaker Tobin (atobin@azleg.gov, 602-926-5172, @Andy_Tobin) and FFS Chair Justin Olson (jolson@azleg.gov, 602-926-5288, no Twitter) and tell them: 1) economic equality for women is an important civil rights issue– not only for women but for all of Arizona– and 2) the ERA deserves to be heard, debated, and voted on by the entire Arizona Legislature– not killed by inaction.

ERA Ratification Sponsors

Here is a list of the 22 sponsors of HB2016, ERA ratification. Fann, Townsend, Orr, and Ugenti are the four Republicans. If your representatives are on the list, please thank them. If your representatives are not on the list, you may want to find out their stance. (This is an election year.)

Rep Victoria Steele Rep Lela Alston Rep Chad Campbell Rep Mark A. Cardenas
Rep Rosanna Gabaldón Rep Ruben Gallego Rep Lydia Hernandez Rep Martin J. Quezada
Rep Katie Hobbs Rep Lynne Pancrazi Rep Karen Fann Rep Debbie McCune Davis
Rep Juan Mendez Rep Eric Meyer Rep Miranda Rep Ethan Orr
Rep Macario Saldate IV Rep Kelly Townsend Rep Michelle Ugenti Rep Bruce Wheeler
Sen Carlyle Begay Rep Anna Tovar    

Why Do We Need the ERA?

Back in the 1970s, many people told us that we didn’t need the ERA because American women were obviously equal to men. Well, obviously, when you look at chronic pay inequality and persistent poverty, women are not treated equally in the US.

The economy is repeatedly cited as the most important issue to women. Economic inequality is at the crux of the problem. More women work part time. More women work at low-wage jobs. More women live in povertySingle moms and their children are more likely to receive government assistance.

Politifact recently examined the issue of gender pay disparity and concluded that, outside of other contributing factors such as career choice or full versus part time status, 40% of  wage disparity is due directly to gender discrimination and cannot be attached to other external factors. It is also true that while 72% of Americans believe The Constitutional Equal Rights Amendment is already law (it is not), 97% of Americans believe it should be.

To become an amendment to the US Constitution, the ERA deadline must be extended by the Congress, and three state legislatures have to ratify it. Currently, six states have ratification proposals in 2013: Florida, Illinois, Louisana, Missouri, Virginia, and Arizona; North Carolina and Nevada have ERA proposals for 2014.

P.S. Do I have to apologize to LD9 Rep. Ethan Orr, now? Thanks, Rep. Orr, for backing the ERA. Can you get Tobin to read it?