CD2 Candidate Barbara Sherry Warns about Chemtrails, Breaks Promise to Support Primary Winner

Congressional candidate Barbara Sherry opposed expansion of Davis Monthan airbase becuase of "the chemtrails."
Congressional candidate Barbara Sherry opposed an expansion of Davis Monthan airbase because of “the chemtrails.”

Staking out a position as a fringe candidate, Barbara Sherry, who is running for Congress in Tucson’s CD2, warned about chemtrails from Davis-Monthan airbase, broke a promise to support the winner of the primary, and rambled about pecan trees, Nazi Germany, and potholes.

She spoke at a meeting of the Democrats of Greater Tucson, where attendees chuckled at her assertions. Adopting the style of a standup comedian, she would announce her positions and joke, “there went another 30 votes out of the room.”

Sherry has 25 years in the banking industry including JP Morgan Chase, she coached the mortgage team at Wachovia, and she sold stocks and bonds. She lives on a ranch in rural McNeal, AZ,


Sherry said, “I do not at all support any expansion of Davis-Monthan. I’ll tell you why. I’ve done a lot of study on this. The chemtrails that come off the airport are micro, they’re entering the people who live around Davis-Monthan, and that’s usually soldiers and their families. They will get in your lungs. You will have emphysema, you’ll be listening to those commercials on TV, you’ll be seeing those lawyers in your house. There’s been a study, I believe it was Berkeley, when people live near military bases with high-velocity jets such as are there, that is killing your health. It’s killing your health as much as if you work in a mine. Pay attention people.”

The chemtrail conspiracy theory is the false claim that long-lasting condensation trails, called “chemtrails” by proponents, consist of chemical or biological agents left in the sky by high-flying aircraft and deliberately sprayed for purposes undisclosed to the general public.

However, she said supported Fort Chiricahua “100%.” She said, “Our next war will be in cyberspace. If you do a lot of reading like I do, the Chinese have pledged in 2035 they will lead the world in artificial intelligence. They have satellites now with equipped with arms to grab our satellites. You’ll see what it’s going to be like one day when your electricity goes down and you have no more electricity.”

Broken promise

At the Feb. 26 CD2 candidates forum in Green Valley, Sherry promised to support the eventual primary winner in the Congressional race – but now she disavows the pledge.

“During my performance at Green Valley, I said I would support anyone. I have to tell you I won’t. I will not support Ann Kirkpatrick. Normally I’m a McGovern Democrat, I go into that voting booth, and I usually go in there and say Democrat, Democrat, Democrat, and then I go Democrat woman, woman, woman. Easy peasy. I’m sorry, she does not support some of the things in this country are needed to get done. She’s of the old ‘been there done it,’ not going to push anything, not going to work too hard. She’s not for Medicare for All. Every other candidate I will endorse and I will really fight for because we need 23 more people. I cannot support her position on Medicare for All, which she is against Medicare for All.”

Sherry added, “If it’s all about money, if our elections have become so crass, so terrible, that you can roll in here and have as much money as you want, a million dollars, then why don’t we just have them write a check to the homeless shelter, to the women’s’ shelter. The rest of just back off, don’t even contest you. Wouldn’t that be nice if it was all about money? There went about 30 votes out of the room.”

Regarding other positions, Sherry said she supports Medicare for All, outlawing automatic weapons, term limits, and paid family and medical leave insurance. Many of these positions are stated in a PDF, posted upside-down, on her website.


Asked what is the critical infrastructure project in CD2,  she said:

All you have to do is come down to southeast Cochise county where I live, and you’ll see it. We have country roads still, we have no link with I-10. I mean, it’s absurd. It could be built. And you know this is a difficult county to be a politician in. You have Oro Valley, the #1 heaviest growth city in all of Arizona, very wealthy. They need to take a trip down my way. And I’ll tell you what, I live in the most poverty stricken…we are now, in southeast Cochise County, 10 years officially we have become a depression. Nobody seems to know that, nobody seems to cares. We have one road, Davis Road, and highway 80. You can’t travel down highway 80 and you’re not going to get hit by a rock that’s going to come off the mountain. I know you don’t live here but I can tell you this, there’s no screening on those mountains, that’s a big deal in Colorado, they have them. We don’t have them here. People are getting hurt, the roads are getting jammed up. That’s our only road in, that’s it. That and Davis Road. We need infrastructure. Seriously, what is with your potholes? I mean, Whoo-wee. When I come here I put my seatbelt on and get ready for a jarring experience. Because your city roads are a mess.”


“I know what it means to save the water of Cochise County. Right across from our house right now there is a pecan grove. You know much water a pecan tree uses in water? 600 gallons per minute. We got a lot of pecan trees here folks. When I get to Washington there is a bill right now that needs to get passed. It’s a federal law that will unleash the water from the tribes to sell it back to Arizona. It’s a federal law. That’s one of the things I work on. I intimately know this.”

It was unclear what Sherry was talking about. Notably, the federal agency, which runs the Central Arizona Project and is setting aside Colorado River water, has said water should go to the Tohono O’odham and other Indian tribes and not for new development.


She supports a path to citizenship for DACA recipients. She added, “They live in fear of a knock on their door. You know when those knocks on the door came? You people read history. You remember? Knocking on your door, Nazi Germany, Warsaw, Poland. Read your history. We cannot allow them to be held in limbo.”

But when asked, she was unable to say whether serving in the military would give DACA recipients a path to citizenship. Democrats of Greater Tucson President Brian Bickel answered the question, “no.”

Asked if she had any experience volunteering in political races or community activity, she said, “I have none. In two months I will be 70 years old. I graduated in ’66, went to college. I marched in everything there was against the Vietnam war. I have been active in all civil rights movements. I ran the gay community centers in PA, organized largest AIDS benefit, I organized and ran the gay community hotline. That’s what I did early on. Then I entered the banking mortgage industry. I worked six days a week and didn’t even have a dog.”

Sherry will be at the Represent Me AZ CD 2 Democratic Candidate Forum on May 3, 2018 from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm at Catalina High School, 3645 E Pima St., Tucson.


  1. At Estimating Water Needs for Pecan Trees ( I find this:
    “Pecan trees extract the moisture they need from soil in the root zone daily during the growing season. The amount a tree withdraws may vary from a gallon or less for a young tree to as much as 150-250 gallons per day in a fully mature tree. This water demand is the tree’s peak (maximum) water use on the hottest day of the summer. Water consumption is decreased before and after this maximum use.”

    Granting that pecan orchards consume lots of water, note that this is far from Sherry’s claim of 600 gallons PER MINUTE!

    This kind of shoot-from-the-mouth is Trumpian in style and substance. She lost my vote.

  2. Ironically, while she has the whole bit about ‘chemtrails’ wrong, pollution from airports and airbases is an actual public health concern.

    The effects of particulate matter like this is precisely the kinds of things she’s talking about: Emphysema, Asthma, other COPD symptoms.

    Also the expansion of DMAFB is not making it bigger, but bringing in the F35 which is a huge noise polluter. I remember the bad old days when aircraft from DM flying in for a landing would force my school teachers to stop what they were doing until the 6 or 8 planes were past because no one could hear them anyway.

    There is no reason on the planet to be growing pecan trees in Southern Arizona. They consume enormous amounts of water that we simply cannot afford. We live in a desert.

    We don’t actually have any candidates talking about these issues on a serious level.

  3. It’s interesting that you ridicule this woman, Mr. Bodine.

    I have to agree with her about Ann Kirkpatrick, who has been handpicked for CD2 by the Democratic “leadership”. Tell me again what Miss Ann has against Medicare for All? That we have no way to pay for it? Is she even slightly aware of what we are paying for healthcare (that excludes millions of people) in the US compared to other nations?

    I won’t be voting for Ann The-NRA-Once-Loved-Me-Now-They-Don’t Kirkpatrick in the primary, but I will vote for the Democratic candidate in November, to be sure. And if it’s Miss Ann, I’m not going to like it.


    • I didn’t ridicule Barbara Sherry. I took an audio recorder with me to the meeting and quoted her verbatim.

      Please explain your unwavering animosity against Ann Kirkpatrick. Are you working for the Matt Heinz or Mary Matiella campaign?

      • Yeah, I get that you quoted Ms. Sherry verbatim, but the undertone of your article comes across as just a bit derisive. A couple of examples:

        “Sherry… who is running for Congress in Tucson’s CD2, warned about chemtrails from Davis-Monthan airbase, broke a promise to support the winner of the primary, and rambled about pecan trees, Nazi Germany, and potholes.”

        “Many of these positions are stated in a PDF, posted upside-down, on her website.”

      • And this…

        “Please explain your unwavering animosity against Ann Kirkpatrick. Are you working for the Matt Heinz or Mary Matiella campaign?”

        No, I’m not working on a campaign right now, but my favorite candidate is Billy Kovacs. I also like Matt Heinz.

        Not liking a candidate, in this case not wanting to be represented by a particular candidate when I believe there are better choices, is not tantamount to “unwavering animosity”.

        I probably wouldn’t say anything about Ann Kirkpatrick at all if she were not the handpicked favorite of the Democratic leadership. Apparently, we’re still waiting for the Democrats to learn that their chosen candidates, the “ones who can win”, are not necessarily the voters’ favorites. It seems that would be the unfortunate lesson of the 2016 presidential election.

      • But as long as I’m ranting, one of the things that is most offensive to me about Ann Kirkpatrick is her flip flop on “gun control”…

        These Democrats Used to Tout Their NRA Grades
        TIM MURPHY
        MAR. 5, 2018 8:11 AM

        She (Ann Kirkpatrick) traces the shift in her thinking to the 2011 shooting that left Giffords severely injured and took the life of John Roll, a federal judge whom Kirkpatrick once clerked for, and the 2012 shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

        • More guns equals more dead people.

          There is no debating this, no matter how loud the NRA squeals.

          Facts are facts.

          I do not vote for candidates who do not accept facts.


      • I’ve never been shot and I pray that I never will be. But the difference between me and Ann Kirkpatrick is that I can imagine what that would be like based on what I read and what I see. And I am also aware of the devastated families and lives that are associated with gun violence.

        But Miss Ann wasn’t aware of the devastating consequences of gun violence until 2011 (she was 61 years old) when it happened to someone she knew.

        The stupid burns.

        I’d have more respect for her if she said, “I thought that an ‘A’ rating from the NRA would help me in previous elections and now I don’t.”

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