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Special Panel with Corporation Commissioner Anna Tovar, former Commissioner Sandra Kennedy, and 2022 Candidate Lauren Kuby on Monday March 27th, Noon to 1:30PM

We have a very special panel program for this session of Democrats of Greater Tucson. We are hosting a panel discussion centered around the Arizona Corporation Commission, often termed the 4th Branch of Arizona’s Constitutional Order. Because of the panel format, we are extending the event time from our standard 1 hour to 1 and 1/2 hours. Please Register in Advance for this Event: We are joined by current Arizona Corporation Commissioner (and currently the only Democrat serving

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Among Our Fantastic Democratic State Legislators, 30 Are Women. That’s Cause for Celebration & Hope.

ADLCC recently danced a little happy dance about our wonderful state legislators and highlighted that 30 of them (out of a total of 43) are women, in recognition of the final week of Women's History Month. I gotta say, that gave me great satisfaction. I have the pleasure of personal acquaintance with some of them, and they are inspiring and dynamic leaders. I hope that I can meet them all! With just a week left in Women’s History Month,

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Trump Lawyer Evan Corcoran Testifies To Special Counsel’s Criminal Grand Jury In Classified Documents Case

Update to Trump Seeks A Stay Of Order For His Attorney To Testify To Special Counsel’s Criminal Grand Jury – Denied! (Updated). Evan Corcoran, Donald Trump’s primary defense attorney, appeared Friday before a federal grand jury in Washington, where he was expected to answer questions in the classified documents probe, and would not assert his Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination (indicating that he does not believe that he is a target of the Special Counsel's investigation). CNN reports, Trump

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Federal Judge Orders Top Trump Aids Must Testify To Special Counsel’s Criminal Grand Jury For January 6 Insurrection

A federal judge has ordered several former Donald Trump aides, including Coup Plotter co-conspirator former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, to testify before a grand jury as part of the criminal investigation into efforts to overturn the 2020 election, rejecting the former president’s claims of executive privilege. ABC News reports, Meadows, other top Trump aides ordered to testify in Jan. 6 probe as judge rejects claims of executive privilege: A federal judge has rejected former President Donald Trump's claims of

Domestic Terrorist Donald Trump Threatens ‘Death And Destruction’ If He Is Arrested

Update to Donald Trump Incites His MAGA Thugs To Riot (Again) When He Is Arrested In New York. What started last weekend has now turned into a week long campaign by this domestic terrorist to incite violence from his MAGA thugs. The New York Post reports, Trump posts disturbing baseball bat photo with Alvin Bragg, threatens ‘death and destruction’: Donald Trump shared the image of himself holding a baseball bat — with Bragg’s hands up — on his Truth Social platform

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Sanctimonious Mike Pence Makes Specious Arguments To Avoid Testifying To The Special Counsel’s Criminal Grand Jury

Update to Sanctimonious Mike Pence Is Obstructing Justice By His Failure To Testify To The Special Counsel And Criminal Grand Jury and Special Counsel Investigation Moves To Compel Mike Pence’s Testimony To Criminal Grand Jury, and Sanctimonious Mike Pence Moves To Block Subpoena For His Testimony To A Criminal Grand Jury. The single most pathetic politician in American history, the craven coward Mike Pence, who is still enabling Donald Trump even after the would be dictator sent a violent

Politico’s Unflattering Look At ‘Spoiler’ Sen. Kyrsten Sinema

Update to ‘Spoiler’ Sen. Kyrsten Sinema Courted By New No Labels Party In Arizona. “Big Bird” Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ) is burning her bridges to the Democratic Party that got her elected to the Senate. She has already betrayed the voters who elected her to office as a Democrat when she became an Independent. When she mocks her Democratic colleagues she is also mocking the Arizona voters who elected her to office as a Democrat. This egomaniac holds you in

MAGA Republicans Again Block Ratification of the ERA, Vote To Outlaw Diversity, Equity And Inclusion Instead

Above: The GQP Freedom (sic) Caucus, more accurately described as the GQP Fascist Caucus. March is Women's History Month, and the history of women in this country is being denied equal status under the U.S. Constitution. The closest women have ever come is white women attaining the right to vote with the 19th Amendment in 1920. Women of color had to wait for the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The annual attempt to get a vote in the Arizona

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UPDATED: QAnon Witch Book Banner Is Also Behind Harassment Of Bookman’s Drag Queen Story Hour (Updated)

UPDATE: [by Ed. Michael Bryan] Apparently, #JustMeanWadsack is following our coverage of her disgraceful behavior carefully. She denies having anything to do with harassment at Tucson's beloved Bookman's (she was probably auto-corrected to 'bookmarks') nor the church behind it. While I'm sure she is careful enough not to use her official email to foment her rabidly bigotted base, we might see about that...: Send us ALL your emails for the last 3 months you've been in office, from BOTH

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