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New Initiative Will Repeal 1946 Anti-Labor ‘Right to Work’ Law

Larry Bodine

Arizona Works Together is seeking better wages for Arizona workers by repealing Arizona’s unfair, anti-union laws. To get fair laws for fair pay, voters must repeal the state’s 1946 anti-union ‘right to work’ constitutional amendment. ​”Big business has changed the law to line their pockets for almost 80 years. But enough is enough, and it’s … Read more

What to expect when you’re expecting MAGA to shut down the government

Leah Greenberg

Now you might be thinking: Didn’t we just go through this whole cycle a few months ago? The brinksmanship, the urgent warnings, the crisis over government funding? Why on earth is this happening again? The short answer: Because Republicans have handed the car keys to the most extreme members of their caucus and they’re driving us … Read more

A Day After Biden Joined the UAW Picket Line, the President’s Campaign Releases an Ad Attacking Trump’s Labor Record

David Gordon

A day after showing solidarity with striking United Auto Workers in Michigan, the Biden/Harris Campaign released an ad, titled “Delivers” which attacked Donald Trump’s Labor Record when he occupied the Oval Office. The ad, which comes on the day the now found liable for business fraud Ex-President is appearing before autoworkers rather than face the … Read more

What’s Pissing Off the AZ BlueMeanie Recently?

AZ BlueMeanie

They charged Hunter Biden for this, so charge Trump, too. Or maybe there really is a ‘two-tier justice system’ in this country, just not the way the GOP has weaponized that phrase to suggest it is wealthy white ex-Presidents and conservatives who get the short end of that stick. Next! Speaking of ‘two-tiered’ justice in … Read more

Government Shutdown Countdown: Are Your Boots Safe?

Kim M. Bayne

We are teetering on the edge of a MAGA shutdown that threatens devastating consequences for communities nationwide. Meanwhile, the adorable little Republicans are once again locked into a cult-driven, rage-filled mission of political maneuvering and bloodlust. It’s sheer madness. “I don’t think there’s enough time to work out a deal,” said former Congressman Ron Barber … Read more

The Sociopathic Party

Michael Bryan

The Republican Party is deeply sick. In fact, I think it is fair to diagnose it as a sociopathic entity. If something isn’t done to stop the Republican Party’s destructive behavior, I fear the consequences for this country. The DSM-5 defines a sociopath (someone who has an anti-social personality disorder) as an individual with three … Read more

The GOP’s Version of Roosevelt’s ‘Four Freedoms’ Should Terrify Every Democracy-Loving American

Barry Kirschner

On January 6, 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt delivered his State of the Union address to Congress shortly after winning his third term in the November 1940 election. Nazi Germany had defeated all European nations on the continent to its west forcing the historic retreat by sea at Dunkirk. Plans to exterminate European Jewry were underway. … Read more

The Mad King Wants to Shut Down the Government and Execute General Milley While His Apostates in The House Want to GUT Title One Education Programs

David Gordon

This is going to be a telling week for the American Public. Like they really need more evidence of the contrasting governing visions offered by both major political parties. The Biden/Harris Administration and the Democrats want to chart a course for the country that protects political and civil freedoms along with meaningful investments that move … Read more

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