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Concerning Reproductive Freedom, Arizona Legislative Republicans Keep Digging a Hole for Themselves, Giving Democrats a Greater Chance for Victory This November

David Gordon

It was a total spectacle at the Arizona State Legislature today. Democrats in both the House and Senate tried to push for a vote to repeal the 1864 Civil War Era ban on abortions but were rebuffed by rule-breaking Republicans in the upper chamber and sidelined with a recess by the MAGA crowd in the … Read more

UPDATED: A Few Thoughts on the State of Abortion in Arizona Today and Through November

Michael Bryan

My first thought is that the situation Arizona’s women, their families, and caregivers have been left in by this decision by the Arizona Supreme Court (AZSC) is appalling, inhumane, and utterly unacceptable to the vast majority of Arizonans. Therefore, this will not stand. Arizona’s voters will enshrine the right to abortion care consistent with the … Read more

April 9, 2024, May Go Down in History as When the Arizona Supreme Court Gave the State to the Biden/Harris Ticket and the Democrats

David Gordon

There are two old sayings that the few smart and mainstream people left in the Arizona Republican Party may be thinking after today’s State Supreme Court ruling bringing a real-life Handmaid’s Tale to the Grand Canyon state with its decision to reaffirm a Civil War era ban of virtually all abortions no matter the trimester. … Read more

(UPDATED)Arizona Congressional and House Candidate Reaction to Today’s Supreme Court Ruling Outlawing Reproductive Freedom

David Gordon

The road to a Democratically controlled House of Representatives in Washington D.C. may go through Arizona thanks to today’s Arizona Supreme Court ruling outlawing women’s reproductive freedom. Surprisingly, there is maybe bipartisan agreement among Democrats and Republicans at the House level that the Arizona State Supreme Court overreached in invalidating a 2022 Republican ban on … Read more

Arizona Legislative Democrats Offer Their Reactions to Today’s Handmaid’s Tale Decision from the Arizona Supreme Court Outlawing Reproductive Freedom

David Gordon

Many State Legislative Democrats did not have kind remarks toward the Arizona Supreme Court after that body dealt a potential death blow to women’s reproductive and healthcare freedoms by reaffirming that a Civil War Era ban on abortion was still the law of the land now that Donald ‘I Killed Roe v Wade’s’ Supreme Court … Read more

(UPDATED)Mayors Gallego and Romero Offer Their Views on Today’s State Supreme Court Decision Outlawing Women’s Reproductive Freedom

David Gordon

The Mayors of two of Arizona’s most renowned cities were quick to condemn the Arizona Supreme Court’s Handmaids-Back in Time to the Civil War decision outlawing most abortions in the Grand Canyon State. Appearing with many leading Democrats (including Attorney General Kris Mayes and prominent legislators) at a press event at the Capitol Rose Garden, … Read more

Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes Calls Today’s Supreme Court Ruling Outlawing Reproductive Freedom “A Stain on Our State”

David Gordon

Like Governor Katie Hobbs, Arizona Attorney General Katie Hobbs did not sugarcoat it when condemning the Arizona Supreme Court Handmaids Tale-reactionary ruling making the Pre Civil War abortion ban the law of the land. Just after the ruling was announced by the State Supreme Court, the Attorney General posted on social media: At an appearance … Read more

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