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On Arizona Statehood Day, Senate Democratic Leader Mitzi Epstein Gives a State of the Session Update Calling for More Bipartisan Collaboration

David Gordon

On the 112th anniversary of Arizona becoming a state, State Senate Democratic Leader Mitzi Epstein gave an update on the current 2024 legislative session. In her comments, Senator Epstein started off by saying: “Our caucus is very grateful to be doing the work to represent the people of the state we all love.” She then … Read more

Biden/Harris Campaign, Engel, and O’Callaghan React to the Democratic Special Election Congressional Victory in New York

David Gordon

New York Congressional District (CD) Three is one of 18 battleground districts that Joe Biden won in 2020 that a Republican House Candidate prevailed in during the 2022 Midterms. With the victory of Democrat Tom Suozzi in a special election last night (February 13, 2024) to replace the disgraced and criminally imperiled MAGA stalwart George … Read more

AZ State Representative Laura Terech Discusses the Election Fix for 2024

David Gordon

Tense Moments. Tireless efforts. Hardworking legislators and staffs. Marathon negotiations. Those are some of the descriptions given by State Representative Laura Terech, the Arizona House Democrat charged with negotiating and compromising on HB2785, a fix to the 2024 election cycle with her Republican legislator colleague Alex Kolodin. A fix was necessary to the 2024 election … Read more

Get Out the Popcorn; Watch the American Duce With Amnesia

David Gordon

Words are not necessary for this article. Just watch and watch again. Thank you Jon Stewart at the Daily Show and Morning Joe.

Education Prodigy Armando Montero Seeks a Second Term on the Tempe Union High School Governing Board

David Gordon

Armando Montero has come a long way since first winning a seat on the Tempe Union High School Governing Board at the age of 18 a year after graduating high school at Desert Vista in 2019.  A rising star, Mr. Montero, has as a board member including the last two years as its President, helped … Read more

President Biden Mocks MAGA Conspiracy Fanatics, Makes Fun of His Age, and Blasts Putin Loving Trump’s Attack on N.A.T.O.

David Gordon

President Joe Biden and his team have had a fun twenty-four hours. After the Kansas City Superbowl Victory over San Francisco, the President and his team posted this on social media. They also released this fun video on Tik Tok which will reach many younger voters. These ads were meant to mock all the insane … Read more

UPDATED: MAGA’s Entirely Fact-Free Impeachment Inquiry of Homeland Secretary Mayorkas

Michael Bryan

UPDATE 2/18: It was the most useless and dumbest thing the House MAGA minority could do, so of course, they led their pack of cowed Trumpanzees to do it: they actually impeached Mayorkas for – nothing. They will either get some Republican support on a motion to dismiss without a trial in the Senate, or … Read more

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