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Written Answers for Today’s Pima County Treasurer’s Debate

Michael Bryan

Curt and I offered to publish the written answers to Curt’s debate questions prior to the debate today. Both candidates were given the questions in advance in order to provide the most comprehensive answers with any references the candidates wished to cite. As of time of publication, we have not received Sami Hamed’s answers (we … Read more

Biden Campaign Releases Two New Ads Showing President Biden’s Appreciation for Soldiers and Trump’s Contempt for Them

David Gordon

Continuing on the D-Day anniversary theme of contrasting President Joe Biden’s honoring the men and women of the armed services with Donald ‘I want to be dictator for a day’ Trump’s disdain for them, the Biden/Harris Campaign released two new ads demonstrating those points. In the first social media ad, the campaign highlights Mr. “I … Read more

Biden Calls on Americans to Support the Democracy the Brave and Fallen who landed in Normandy in 1944 Fought to Protect

David Gordon

Hours after 34 time convicted Donald ‘I want to be dictator for a day’ Trump was pondering how he would exact revenge and retribution on his political opponents in an interview with Dr. Phil, President Joe Biden was being, well, Presidential, in delivering a speech at the Pointe Du Hoc in Normandy, France that highlighted … Read more

Sundareshan, Stahl Hamilton, and Conover Condemn Convicted Donald and MAGA Republicans for Blocking Protections to Access Contraception

David Gordon

Earlier this week, most Republicans in the United States Senate blocked advancing a measure that would have protected the rights of Americans to obtain medically safe contraception. Earlier this year, Republicans in the Arizona State Legislature did the same. Yesterday (June 6, 2024,) leading Arizona advocates for reproductive freedom and access to contraception in the … Read more

Bidenomics Strikes Again: Higher than Expected Job Creation in May to the tune of 272,000

David Gordon

May, 2024 marked another positive month in job growth for the United States with a higher than expected 272,000 jobs created. Since Joe Biden became President, there have been 40 consecutive months of positive job growth. Bidenomics, the program to build the economy from the ground up and expand the middle class has taken another … Read more

Tucson Rep. Chris Mathis: “VOTE NO” on Illegal Republican ‘Secure the Border’ Initiative

Larry Bodine

By Chris Mathis, AZ Representative (D-LD18) This is a dark week for Arizona.  The Arizona GOP has once again shown its true colors with House Concurrent Resolution (HCR) 2060 – a ballot referral bill that’s unconstitutional in multiple ways, 100% politically motivated, deeply harmful to our immigrant communities, and has now officially passed the House on a … Read more

What CD3 Congressional Candidate Yassamin Ansari Would do in Congress to Combat Extreme Heat

David Gordon

With Phoenix area temperatures rising to a record 113 degrees yesterday, House Congressional District (CD) Three Candidate (and former Phoenix Councilwoman and Vice Mayor) Yassamin Ansari responded to a recent report, sanctioned by the United Nations, that global temperature increases surpassed the 1.5 degrees threshold to limit the extreme effects of global warming. The report, … Read more

In a Rereleased Ad, “Flag,” The Biden/Harris Campaign Calls Attention to Convicted Trump-MAGA Forces Working to Undermine the Ideals the American Flag Represents

David Gordon

In the rereleased ad, “Flag,” the Biden/Harris Campaign highlights how their Administration will continue to fight for the ideals the American Flag represents while the Extremist MAGA forces led by Donald ‘Convicted 34 times over’ and ‘I want to be dictator for a day’ Trump would endeavor to undermine them. The ad starts with neighborhood … Read more

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