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Pima County Bd. of Supervisors appoint Chris Ackerley to Pima County Treasurer

Carolyn Classen

The Pima County Board of Supervisors met together today in their regular meeting and appointed Deputy Treasurer Chris Ackerley (R) to the vacant Treasurer position. Long time Treasurer Republican Beth Ford retired last Friday. The League of Women Voters of Greater Tucson held a virtual forum on April 11 for the two applicants to this … Read more

Who’s applied for vacant Tucson Ward 6 Council seat? (updated)

Carolyn Classen

4 term Councilman Democrat Steve Kozachik (aka Steve K) resigned in March to take a job with Pima County. His last day was March 31, 2024. The Tucson City Clerk’s office has been accepting applications for the appointment to this office (term will be from April 2024 to Dec. 2025). The deadline to apply was … Read more

Gallego Campaign Unleashes New Ad Reminding Voters of Kari Lake’s “Great” Abortion Ban

David Gordon

There is nothing like having a multiple-million-dollar campaign war chest. Just think of the riveting political ads showing the flaws and failings of one’s opponent that such lush campaign resources could produce from now until election day. The Gallego for Arizona Campaign is in that position today. It is showing its political muscles by releasing … Read more

VP Kamala Harris Blames Trump at Tucson Reproductive Rights Event

Larry Bodine

See the videos at the Biden-Harris campaign Reproductive Rights Event in Tucson on April 12, 2024.

Tucson Home & Building Tour supporting sustainability on April 21, 2024

Carolyn Classen

“Celebrate Earth Day! Join the Tucson Verde Rotary Club Home and Building Tour Sunday, April 21 10:00 am to 2:00pm Featuring: Tickets $25 adults, children under 12 years are free, purchase here: Carolyn’s note: I used to work at Tucson Parent magazine years ago (selling ads) and Teatro Carmen was across the street on … Read more

Ansari Calls for the Electoral Removal of Justices Bolick and King

David Gordon

This November, voters will have an opportunity to defeat some of those who made this week’s Supreme Court reaffirmation of the 1864 Civil War Era Abortion Ban possible. AZ Central’s Laurie Roberts has already penned a piece today that recognized ten Republicans in the Arizona State Legislature whose electoral vulnerability skyrocketed because of either their … Read more

Are Those Guys Actually Conservative?

Nelson Morgan

On the day I’m writing this column, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that the 1864 law on abortion, a near-complete ban, is now the law. This is horrible, and the details and the response (for instance to redouble efforts to get AAA petition signatures) will be expanded on by many sources. While shocking, the decision by … Read more

Christian Zealots Use Privileged Access to the AZ Senate Chamber for Weird Sectarian Rites

Michael Bryan

As reported by AZCentral: Well, this is… creepy. Zealots kneel and lay hands on the State Seal while chanting and wailing uncannily while the leader invokes a magic spell intended to invoke the presence of their deity in the public’s Senate chamber. A weird cult? An ancient hidden coven of ritual magic practitioners? No. Just … Read more

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