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Vic Williams: Bus Drivers are Administrators

David Safier

by David Safier Vic Williams bit hard — Chomp! — chewed and swallowed the Goldwater Institute's "1-to-1 teacher to bureaucrat ratio" line. And, like Guv candidate Buzz Mills, he went G.I. one better, turning "bureaucrats" into "administrators."This is why the media needs to keep their crap detectors set to 11 every time G.I. makes a … Read more

Jan Brewer wants to “rebrand” Arizona’s image

AZ BlueMeanie

Posted by Craig McDermott Arizona's unelected governor, Jan Brewer, has finally realized the furor over the police-state bill that she signed into law, SB1070, won't die down. Arizona's image across the country and the world has become that of a virulently redneck place where minorities and outsiders are only welcome in our prisons and jails.So in … Read more

Free Sticker

AZ BlueMeanie

Posted by AzBlueMeanie: Express your disappointment and spread the word about Arizona's new discriminatory law with this sticker from Order online FREE SB 1070 Sticker – You can get one sticker for FREE (and that includes shipping — you pay nothing). For a $3 donation, we'll send you 5 stickers. For a $10 donation, … Read more

SB1070 Update: 2010? GOP Guv? Pearce as Senate Pres?

David Safier

by David SafierThis morning's E.J. Montini column in the Republic is filled with warnings, quotes and interesting facts about anti-immigrant trends in Arizona. Some excerpts:[Linda Brown, executive director of the Arizona Advocacy Network]: "If (state Sen.) Russell Pearce secures the Senate presidency next year, we will see a whole lot more, particularly if we have … Read more

SB1070 Update: A Jewish “On the one hand . . . On the other hand” about reporting in the Star

David Safier

by David SafierAllow me to exercise my Jewish prerogative and carry on an argument without anyone else in the room.On the one hand:I agree with a number of Jewish groups that think the Nazi references connected with SB1070 are a step too far. From an article in today's Star:"It diminishes the Holocaust," said Rabbi Marvin … Read more

SB1070 Update: Evangelical leaders push hard for immigration reform

David Safier

by David Safier What looked like a simple affirmation of the need for comprehensive immigration reform, including a path to citizenship, by the National Evangelical Association is turning into a concerted effort to sway Republican legislators.[The National Evangelical Association] is seeking to rally support for comprehensive immigration reform. The campaign begins with a full-page ad … Read more

Obama, Dems riding to teachers’ rescue?

David Safier

by David SafierObama has thrown his support behind a $23 billion fund to keep teachers in the classroom.We applaud Chairmen Harkin, Miller and Obey for crafting legislation in direct response to these challenges.  S. 3206, the Keep Our Educators Working Act, H.R. 2847, the Jobs for Main Street Act,  and H.R. 4812, the Local Jobs … Read more

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