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President Biden Calls Into Morning Joe; Declares He is Staying in the Race and Wonders Where Convicted Donald Trump is

David Gordon

Fresh off a fairly successful campaign appearances in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and moments after sending a letter to Congressional Democrats, stating his intention to remain the Democratic Presidential Nominee, an energetic and defiant President Joe Biden called into the Morning Joe show on MSNBC, saying “I’m not going anywhere.” A case can be made that … Read more

Guess President Biden Does Not Need a Teleprompter After All

David Gordon

In one of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Campaign offices, President Biden, accompanied by Representative Madeline Dean and Senator John Fetterman, was masterful in his remarks to campaign volunteers. He did not even need a teleprompter to read off from. While reciting his philosophy of building the economy from “the middle out and the bottom up” and … Read more

During this July 4 Holiday Week, Latino Supporters Voice Approval for the Biden/Harris Ticket

David Gordon

At two campaign events this last week (post debate for those who are now measuring time that way,) Latino supporters gathered to voice their approval for the Biden/Harris ticket. At the first event, Phoenix Councilwoman Betty Guardado appeared and spoke on the Spanish speaking radio network La Onda Spanish Radio. According to a press release … Read more

How MAGA Fascism Shapes the Calls for Biden’s Withdrawal

Michael Bryan

I have been marveling at the utter self-destruction of Democrats in calling for an incumbent President to withdraw from the race because of one debate performance – handing a major victory to Trump. I’m mystified by the willingness to self-harm by Democrats. We all know that Biden is perfectly competent, but we all worry that … Read more

Kevin Dahl: The Best Candidate for Pima County Attorney is Already in Office

Kevin Dahl

Kevin Dahl is Vice Mayor and Council Member of the City of Tucson. Arizonans are constantly reminded of the high stakes of this election cycle, and how clear our choice is between real solutions and dangerous ideas. It is vital for our country, and our county, to bring or keep the right people in office … Read more

Convicted Felon, Sexual Assaulter, and Traitor Donald Trump Disavows Project 2025; President Biden Calls Him the Liar That He Is

David Gordon

With the contents of the Heritage Foundation- MAGA Manifesto Project 2025 negatively heating up the political landscape, 34 Time Convicted, Twice Impeached, Two Time Popular Vote Loser, Traitor, and Sexual Assaulter Donald ‘I Killed Roe v Wade’ Trump did what he always does: Say ‘I know nothing’ (which is probably more true than false) and … Read more

In “Shark Week,” The Lincoln Project Makes Fun of Convicted Trump’s Choices for Death: Shark or Electric Battery

David Gordon

The Lincoln Project had a little fun in their latest ad “Shark Week” by mocking 34 Times Convicted Donald Trump’s comments from a rally in Las Vegas last month on how he would like to die if stranded in the ocean: by a shark or electrocuted by an electric battery. The narrator in the ad … Read more

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