As a Member of the Phoenix City Council, Joan Greene Would Work to Build a Better Tomorrow for District Six Residents

Running on “It’s time to stop the division, stop the political bickering and move our city forward,” twice Arizona Congressional District Five Democratic Nominee Joan Greene has decided to run for the District Six seat on the Phoenix City Council in the 2022 election cycle. A successful business person, community volunteer, and activist, Ms. Greene … Read more

Joan Greene and Delina DiSanto offer better visions for their Congressional Districts than Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar

Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar are not fit to serve in the House of Representatives. First, they said no to 9/11 First Responders by voting against aid for them. Then they said no to the Constitution when they voted against impeachment, saying it was okay,  Donald Trump betrayed his oath of office. During the current … Read more

Joan Greene will fight to give the people of Arizona Congressional District Five a Better Tomorrow

The People of Arizona Congressional District Five have a champion who wants to serve them, and it is not incumbent Freedom Caucus Chairperson Andy Biggs. Just examine his record in the course of this pandemic where he has: Voted against every COVID 19 relief measure claiming it would add to the debt and normalize same-sex … Read more

Joan Greene thinks Andy Biggs is a Reactionary Fascist; He is

Arizona Congressional District Five House Representative Andy Biggs took to writing an op-ed for the Washington Times. Appearing on June 23, Mr. Biggs presents a picture of America where: Democrats are Marxists and violently going further left. Republicans not sharing his (Biggs) views are wimps for wanting to work with the Democrats and condemn systematic … Read more