A Hero’s Salute



3:00 pm

U of A Crowder Hall

1017 N. Olive Rd., Tucson

Join us as Arts Express honors the brave men and women from Southern Arizona who have served, as well as those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. This uplifting and inspirational Memorial Day tribute will recognize our military,first responders, public servants, and all those who have placed themselves before others.

The program will feature the Arts Express Choir and Brass with special soloists, conducted by Dr. David Ashcraft, Co-Artistic Director of Arts Express.



GENERAL SEATING: FREE (with a suggested donation of $10/person)

Register for tickets here: https://www.vendini.com/ticket-software.html?t=tix&e=0241e3490c5c08247560f5271ca7b526

More info at Arts Express website, http://www.arts-express.org/

Carolyn’s note:  Let us remember and honor those who bravely gave their lives for our country in all the past wars/conflicts.  I have several family members who have served in the armed forces in various capacities, and we remember them on Veteran’s Day in November.

One response to “A Hero’s Salute

  1. What a moving tribute to those who died in the wars and were buried overseas, here at home, at sea or are still MIA. Particularly touching was the story of the 5 Navy brothers Sullivan from Iowa, who were all killed when the USS Juneau sunk in November 1942 during Battle of Guadalcanal. The Arts Express choir (accompanied by their brass quintet, a drummer and Jane Brandt on piano) sang several uplifting songs including “There’s a Hero” and “Amazing Grace”. Then Taps was played solemnly to remember the fallen. A final tribute was the “Salute to the Armed Forces” when the songs from each military department was played: Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force and Marines, and people from their respective service stood up. Last year I had the fortune to visit the Normandy American Cemetery Memorial overlooking Omaha Beach in France – seeing almost 10,000 American graves was particularly heartbreaking, to remember those who died trying to stop Hitler in WWII. But they did not die in vain.