Action Alert from Arizona List:

Monday: SB 1318 to be heard in the House

SB1318 is the anti-reproductive justice bill of this session.   It will make it impossible for women in health exchanges to buy a policy – even with their own money – that covers abortion. 

It is time to make a call!
Call your members of the House on Monday: 1-800-352-8404. 

What are the key bad points in this bill?

1.  Doctors’ private information is made public. 
Doctors should NOT be targeted simply because of the care they provide and SB 1318 targets doctors, plain and simple.
2. Compels doctors to “inform” patients that their medical abortion may be reversed relying on illegitimate science. Arizona providers will be forced by the state to potentially commit medical malpractice by having to misinform patients.

3. There is an amendment to exclude cases of rape and incest so SB 1318 forces insurance companies to be de facto police detectives to determine how you got pregnant. This means a woman has no rights to privacy about rape or incest. This is too extreme even for Arizona.

4. It’s a shell game. No taxpayer money is now used in Arizona to fund abortion. NONE. No taxpayer funds are used at the federal level. Now Arizona taxpayers will be on the hook for court cases and lawyer fees and numerous medical malpractice suits for compelling doctors to misinform patients.

SB 1318 is too extreme and relies on illegitimate science.

Tell your legislators to say no! #STOP1318