Al Melvin’s biggest disappointment

by David Safier
Freshman legislators always come in with high hopes about what they can accomplish, so they're bound to suffer multiple disappointments in their first years. And this year when legislators see Arizonans losing jobs, watching the value of their investments in homes and retirement accounts plummet and going without adequate health care and other services, the disappointments must be piling up like cord wood.

So, according to an article in The Explorer, what is Sen. Al Melvin's greatest disappointment?

Republican Sen. Al Melvin said "my greatest disappointment as a senator" is "the misinformation about K-12 reductions in the '09 budget."

Misinformation about K-12 reductions. Is his biggest. Disappointment.

This from someone who handed out a flier at his town hall meetings that happily proclaimed:

  • We're 16th in funding per classroom of students [without clarifying that our ranking is due to our large class sizes]
  • We're 3rd in % increase in K-12 expenditures over 20 years [without clarifying that we had one of the highest % increases in our student population over that period of any state in the nation]
  • We're 19th in Total Revenues from State Government [without mentioning we have the 13th largest student population in the country]

His disappointment must be with those voters who worry about what cuts to schools will do to our children's educations and won't shut the hell up. He actually mocks the genuine concern people are feeling:

With this year's cut, "you would think a nuclear bomb hit the K-12 system," Melvin said.

He's probably right. It's not like a nuclear bomb hit. It's more like walking through a minefield while trying to dodge machine gun fire.

When Melvin was asked about reinstating the equalization property tax levy, he said once again, he'd vote against it, because it would have an "adverse effect on small businesses and homeowners."

Lest you think Melvin is dogmatically anti tax, you might remember he was for taxes to fix up our roads. The potholes must have had an "adverse effect" on his backside, which was more important to him than its possible adverse effects on small businesses and homeowners.

If they ever discover a compassion or an empathy gene, I'll bet they'll find it's missing from most conservatives' DNA.

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  1. Eli,
    I did refute Sen. Melvin’s numbers and he insulted me in front of an entire audience. I blogged about it here.
    Sen. Melvin touted his $9500 per pupil spending number, and I shook my head and said “that’s not true, sir.” Sen. Melvin said, “There’s an emergency room down the street, if you need one.”
    At the end of the forum, I asked him what he meant by that comment. He told me, “Well, you were shaking your head so hard, that I thought you might hurt yourself, and need to go to the hospital.” Respectful, eh?

    I’m glad other people heard his rudeness. Sen. Melvin doesn’t know me from Adam, so I would assume, it’s his normal way of doing (the people’s) business.

  2. Hey folks, 47% of America doesn’t think capitalism is the way to go.

    Socialized education might be in for a comeback (and then again it might not) but hoping that the legislators and voters of Arizona are going to vote for higher taxes is quite a lot of hope (that might not come to pass).

    Find some other government function less needed than government education and get that program cut and you might save a thousand government teacher positions.

    What program am I talking about? It’s called legalizing drugs and suspending the sentences of people convicted of victimless crimes.

  3. He is disappointed that the internet makes it so easy for the common man to call him on his lies. I think this fact is part ofthe destruction of the whole Reagan Revolution, which was based on being able to lie to people without consequences.

  4. Too bad they control the meetings so carefully that no one ever gets a chance to confront one of those legislators with the facts.

  5. I’m going to take great pleasure in seeing Sen. Melvin retired after one term.

  6. Per class total classroom
    pupil size dollars

    16 Arizona $6,248 24.2 $151,202
    17 Indiana $8,874 17.0 $150,858
    18 Wyoming $11,447 13.1 $149,956
    19 Ohio $9,728 15.4 $149,811
    20 Wisconsin $10,051 14.7 $147,750
    21 Illinois $9,054 16.1 $145,769
    22 Vermont $13,090 10.5 $137,445
    23 Colorado $8,035 16.9 $135,792
    24NewHampshire $10,543 12.8 $134,950
    25 Nevada $6,897 19.4 $133,802

    I just cut off a piece of the table that Mr. Melvin uses to make an arguement FOR better funding in AZ. Pick a state, any state. Raise your hand if you think that AZ does a more robust job with dollars for public ed. Come on, get those hands up!
    Hey, we probably pay our teachers a huge salary considering the classroom dollars from cramming those kids in there, right? Nope, we are at the #25 spot. We are behind all of the states I copied except we are past Colrado by $150 and ahead of Vermont by $800….let me see…a class size of 24.2 to 1 and an extra $800 or a class size of 10.5 and skip the bucks???? The table won’t space properly, sorry.