All in the family: 3 Hernandez siblings running for election in 2018

L to R: Consuelo Hernandez, LD 2 Rep. Daniel Hernandez Jr.,Alma Hernandez – photo taken by their mother (also named Consuelo)

Three siblings in Tucson, all named Hernandez are running for election in 2018. Daniel is running for LD 2 House (re-election), Consuelo for Sunnyside School District Governing Board, Alma for LD 3 House.  They are having a joint fiesta campaign kickoff on February 15 (scroll down to bottom for flyer).

One-term Democrat LD 2 House Rep. Daniel Hernandez Jr, seeking re-election to his House seat. He defeated Republican incumbent Rep. Chris Ackerley 32,651 to 28,506 in Nov. 2016. (The other House Rep. Democrat incumbent Rosanna Gabaldon got 32,495 votes.) Daniel has also served on the Sunnyside School District Governing Board as President, and was the Congressional intern who assisted then CD-8 Congresswoman Gabby Giffords after she was shot in the head, at the Tucson mass shooting on 1/8/11.

His youngest sister Alma is now running for LD 3 House, where there will be 2 open seats, as LD 3 House Rep. Macario Saladate is retiring, and Rep. Sally Gonzales is running for state senate in that same district. Also running for the House in LD 3 now is current LD 3 Senator Olivia Cajero Bedford, and political newcomer (but involved in Dem politics for years) Andres Cano, a Special Staff Assistant to Pima County District 5 Supervisor Richard Elias.

Alma recently got her M.P.H. from the U of Arizona, and has been active in Democratic politics for years. Recently she led Arizonans United for Healthcare working to defeat the repeal of the ACA (Affordable Care Act).

Their middle sister Consuelo is running for Sunnyside School District Governing Board, where her brother currently sits. She is a case worker for the International Rescue Committee in Tucson.  Daniel is not running for re-election on the SUSD board (after 2 terms), so Consuelo is running for one of 2 seats. The other SUSD board member  up for re-election is Eva Carrillo Dong.

All 3 of these siblings went to the Democratic National Convention in July, 2016 as delegates.

So indeed for this Hernandez family, politics and campaigning is “all in the family”. They are having a joint 3 candidate campaign kickoff on Thurs. Feb. 15, 6 p.m. at Salon Mexico, 106 W. Drachman St. Tucson.

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  1. History has been made in Arizona. LD 2 Rep. Daniel Hernandez has been re-elected, and his sisters Alma Hernandez has won a seat in LD 3 House, and Consuelo on the Sunnyside Unified School District governing bd. Congratulations to all 3.

  2. Historic AZ primary election last night, with younger sister Alma Hernandez of LD 2 Rep. Daniel Hernandez Jr. winning a House seat in LD 3. Their sister Consuelo may likely win her Sunnyside School District governing Bd. seat in November, 2018. Then all 3 Hernandez siblings will be politicians.

  3. Over 200 people at this kickoff tonight, including Dr. Matt Heinz (CD 2 candidate), Buck Crouch, member of Sunnyside Unified School District board, Mark Robert Gordon, candidate for AZ Sec. of State, Rep. Mark Cardenas, candidate for AZ Treasurer, and Carmen Dolny, former Justice of the Peace. Daniel spoke first about gun safety, due to the Florida high school shooting yesterday, while he was fighting for legislation at AZ House to require foster parents to lock up any guns they own; then Consuelo spoke of her passion for education, wanting Sunnyside students to have opportunities like she did, about an internship program she wants to start up; then Alma who movingly spoke of a brutal attack on her at age 14, being thrown out of school, but facing all this adversity to just recently get her M.P.H. from U of AZ. All 3 siblings thanked their father Daniel Sr. and mother Consuelo for all their help and support over the years. LD 19 House Rep. Mark Cardenas spoke of the pleasure of working with Daniel in the state house. He is now running for State Treasurer. Mariachi Milagro performed prior to the speeches.

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