Are You Ready for US Senator Martha McSally?

US Rep. Martha McSally
Future US Senator Martha McSally

By Larry Bodine, Precinct Committeeman, Precinct #238, Tucson.

Yes, this may happen right here in Tucson. A worthless hack who has done little or nothing for her constituents may soon become US Senator Martha McSally.

How can this nightmare happen?

  1. Aging and ailing US Senator John McCain becomes disabled or dies in office.
  2. Governor Ducey appoints Martha McSally to fill the vacancy, as provided by the U.S. Constitution, 17th Amendment
  3. An election is held to fill the 2nd District seat. The Republicans run a stumblebum backed by the Goldwater Institute, who will vote the party line.
  4. McSally goes on to serve 5 terms in the US Senate.

Old age is terrible and it catches up to all of us.

John Mcain was born back when Hitler opened the summer Olympics.
John Mcain was born back when Hitler opened the summer Olympics.

I am a senior citizen myself. I personally understand the toll time takes on the human body. McCain is 80 years old and has outlived the life expectancy of 60 years for a white man born in 1936.

McCain should be whiling away his final days in Green Valley, not being an elected official. How long ago is 1936? That was the year Hitler opened the summer Olympics, when a gallon of gas was 10 cents, when the No. 1 movie starred Charlie Chaplin.

McCain has had 4 cases of melanoma (skin cancer) and has had more than a dozen patches of abnormal skin cut out or burned off, including on his face. Old age catches up with all of us. At age 80 many people have hearing loss, osteoporosis,  less recall of recent memories, slowness in remembering names and details, kidney decline and incontinence.

Why McSally?

The Republicans know they need to find a younger replacement for McCain. McSally is 51 years old — young blood! The life expectancy of a woman born in 1966 is 85 years. She can expect to wreak havoc in Tucson for another 34 years.

To be sure, there are 4 other Republican Congressmen, but none appeal more to the hillbillies who elected Trump. She is perfect for the Republican hegemony:

  • 100% voting record in support of Trump.
  • Voted for Trumpcare and famously told her colleagues to get this “fucking thing” done.
  • Anti-abortion.
  • Anti-gay marriage.
  • Anti-immigration.
  • Anti-renewable energy, solar, wind and thermal energy.
  • Panders relentlessly to the ex-military crowd.
  • Harvard master’s degree.
  • Right-wing financial support from the US Chamber of Commerce, and a gaggle of business, home building and wholesale interests. Locally, car dealer Jim Click is a big donor.

Plus she has the slimy quality of not revealing her positions. She never said whether she recommended voting for Trump. Before voting for Trumpcare, she refused to answer questions on where she stood.

“McSally did her best to bob and weave, clearly intent on not giving a “yes” or a “no.” Instead, I heard a lot of baloney about not wanting to look backward and only wanting to look ahead,” wrote Stuart Rothenberg when he interviewed her for Roll Call.

And we all know how Arizona Republicans like slimy, slithery things.




9 thoughts on “Are You Ready for US Senator Martha McSally?”

  1. McSally is as big a looser as Trump!
    She wouldn’t meet with constituents
    During the many breaks the Congress
    congress takes!!
    She thinks that her seat is locked up!!!
    She may be in for a surprise in 2018!
    I don’t think McCain has to worry!!
    Of Course many Republicans can see
    The forest for the Trees!!!

  2. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if it’s irrelevant. If you “what if” everything to death, what have you actually accomplished, other than blowing hot air into an already too hot climate. (I live in southern AZ). Speaking of climate change…….

    And has McCain announced his impending retirement.? Missed that one!!

  3. Well, all metaphors aside, McSally undoubtedly envisions herself in John McCain’s Senate seat. And in a statewide election, McSally could win just because she is a Republican.

    The way to put a fly in her buttermilk is to vote her out of the House in 2018.

    We don’t know how long McCain will last but it does appear he won’t retire. McSally might have a long wait.

  4. you insult slimy slithering things when you compare them to republicans. I here rich old white farts in the democratic party would like to run for senate like fred duval or ann “boots” kirkpatrick. heaven forbid the democrats run a latina! 5 terms ? only if property owners can vote and nobody else.

  5. “And we all know how Arizona Republicans like slimy, slithery things.”
    Looks like Larry is taking BfA to a new intellectual low.

      • Thanks for taking time away from licking George Zoley’s boots to post such a helpful comment.

        Maybe you could re-introduce SB1142 with some modifications to lock up everyone who disagrees with you, you racist little fat faced freak?

        How’s that? Feeling intellectually elevated? Go back to Jersey.

        Of course, I kid, you should take my reply with a grain of sugar.

        • And, some helpful assistance at taking it on down into the sewer and below.

          • I admit you guys have the home field advantage, but I believe with enough covfefe, good will prevail.

            Besides, all of Arizona landed in the mud when Kavanagh made the joke about the woman having the c-section and the grain of sugar.

            But then respect for women isn’t what the GOP is known for these days.

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