Earlier last week, several activist Arizona political and activist groups launched a drive to recall Coup Plotting Quisling-Election Denying-Fringe Reactionary-Trump Zone Resident- House District Four Representative Paul Gosar.

The Remove Paul Gosar Task Force issued a press release, describing their reasons for recalling the Arizona Congressional District Four Congressman whose own siblings will not support him:


It read:

“Arizona constituents of Rep. Paul Gosar launch national call for action, #CallYourDentist  #RemovePaulGosar, designed to encourage the U.S. House of Representatives to expel Paul  Gosar from Congress. 

The Remove Paul Gosar Task Force is comprised of individuals from throughout AZ-CD 4. They cite Gosar’s role in rejecting the certification of Arizona’s electoral votes, spreading lies and misinformation at “Stop the Steal” rallies, and Gosar’s involvement with Ali Alexander, a self-described planner of the January 6 march that led to the violent invasion of the Capitol. Ali credits Gosar for helping to “scheme up” the idea. 

Documentation of those charges is reflected in public videos and documents being distributed by the Remove Paul Gosar Task Force. 

The Remove Paul Gosar Task Force seeks to convince insurrectionist Paul Gosar’s largest financial backers, beginning with the American Dental Association, to stop funding his political campaigns. Americans are being asked to call the ADA and their local dentists to contact the  American Dental Association and its state offices and request they stop funding insurrectionist  Paul Gosar’s political extremism. 

The Remove Paul Gosar Task Force goal has the support of Paul Gosar’s siblings, who recorded their views and released them for use in the current effort to convince Congress to expel their brother. 

The website RemovePaulGosar.org contains two videos on how the public can #CallYourDentist  to #RemovePaulGosar and encourage the ADA to stop funding Paul Gosar: 

#CallYourDentist – Outlines how insurrectionist Paul Gosar supported and participated with inflammatory insurrectionists at “Stop The Steal” rallies. Twitter • Facebook • Youtube 

Join the Gosar Siblings – Rep. Gosar’s siblings encourage people to join the #CallYourDentist action with a personal appeal. Twitter • Facebook • Youtube.”

The Arizona organizations that have banded together in this effort are:

  • Prescott Indivisible.
  • The Yavapai County Democratic Party.
  • Desert Progressives.
  • Indivisible West Phoenix.
  • Northern Pinal Democratic Club.
  • Progress Arizona.
  • San Tan Valley Democrats.
  • Stronger Together AZ.
  • Yuma County Indivisible

Paul Gosar has repeatedly dishonored his office with the public positions he has taken and the fringe ultra right- white nationalist- groups he associates himself with.

His public election denialism and helping to create the tensions that led to the Trumpist Domestic Terrorist Attack on the Nations Capitol on January 6, 2021, should be the last demonstration to the people of Arizona Congressional District Four that he is not fit to serve in office.

Please click here to access the Remove Paul Gosar website and to find out more information.