Arizona can do better than the contemptible Kavanagh – vote for Paula Pennypacker


Arizona can do better than the contemptible John Kavanagh, an acolyte of “King” Russell Pearce and Crazy Uncle Joe Arpaio.

Rep. Kavanagh championed Arizona’s “show me your papers” law, SB 1070.

Rep. Kavanagh championed Cathi Herrod’s “show me your papers to pee” bill last year that thankfully failed.

Rep. Kavanagh championed Arizona’s Religious Bigotry bill, SB 1062, vetoed this week by Governor Brewer.

For those of us who follow committee hearings and floor debates, Rep. Kavanagh frequently seeks to offend and to insult, and regularly displays a lack of respect and contempt for Arizona citizens, and even his fellow legislators.

Rep. Kavanagh is taking some heat for his participation in a “roast” of his good buddy Crazy Uncle Joe Arpaio at the Western Conservative Conference at the Phoenix Convention Center last Saturday. Kavanagh tells jokes about minorities at roast:

Rep. John Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills, used jokes about Latinos, Muslims and Asians to roast Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio last weekend at a gathering of conservatives in Phoenix, according to tapes released Wednesday.

* * *

Several civil-rights and community leaders quickly condemned Kavanagh’s jokes, calling them inappropriate for an elected official.

“It’s disgusting,” said Danny Ortega, a Phoenix lawyer and civil-rights leader. “Any jokes about race, specifically as it relates to something as serious as racial profiling, is not a joke to the Latino community. It’s not a joke to the federal judge who specifically found that (Arpaio’s sweeps) was racial profiling.”

On Wednesday, the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil-rights organization, posted excerpts of Kavanagh’s jokes on YouTube.

See: Exclusive: Latinos Are Punch Line at Joe Arpaio Roast

Josh Glasstettler, SPLC’s campaign director, said the recording was made by an undercover monitor.

Glasstettler said “risque” and “non-PC comments” are expected at roasts, but Kavanagh’s jokes “went beyond the pale” because he is an elected official.

* * *

Kavanagh dismissed the criticism.

“They are creating controversy where it doesn’t exist, perhaps for their own political purposes,” he said. “This was a roast. It was satire and it was at a private closed event, so I disagree with them.

* * *

Kavanagh said he did not participate in the roast as an elected official. He said the jokes are not an indication of how he feels about minorities.

What people say in private in the company of like-minded friends reveals their true selves. Kavanagh’s comments are not out of character from what he has said both publicly and in the legislature.

Hasn’t Arizona had enough of the offensive antics of John Kavanagh, Russell Pearce, and Crazy Uncle Joe Arpaio?

Arizona can do better. A moderate Republican who left the GOP to become a Democrat, Paula Pennypacker, is running against John Kavanagh who is seeking to move up to the Senate in LD 23. The voters of Arizona need to demonstrate the common sense and wisdom to elect Paula Pennypacker and send John Kavanagh into retirement.

It’s time that Arizona stop being the butt of jokes for late night comedians.


  1. Kavanagh is a right wing extremist tool.

    Pennypacker is a firecracker. I hope she takes him out. This is one Phoenix-area race I would contribute to!

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