Each election season, there is an endorsement process. Organizations, groups and causes conduct their endorsement processes differently. Some just hand out endorsements. Some require candidates to answer questions and do interviews.

In recent weeks, the Arizona Daily Star conducted their endorsement interview with four of the five Legislative District 2 candidates: Rosanna Gaboldon (D) and Mark Workman (R) who are running for Arizona Senate and Andrea Dalesandro and Daniel Hernandez who are running for Arizona House. Republican Deborah McEwen didn’t participate in the endorsement interview.

In the before times, these interviews were conducted behind closed doors with only Star personnel and candidates at the newspaper’s office. In the COVID19 era, the Star endorsement interviews were conducted in online forum with constituents and Star staff in the audience. Having even a handful of constituents “in the room,” was a worthwhile addition.

The interview is an hour long. Pop some popcorn, pour your favorite beverage, and watch the video here.

Watch the whole collection of Star endorsement interviews here.

You can watch the LD2 Clean Elections debate on the Citizens Clean Elections Commission YouTube channel. All debate videos are archived there.