Arizona Democratic Congressional Candidates react to Trump’s betrayal of the Kurds.

Cartoon from Patrick Chappatte

The betrayal of the Kurds by the reckless Middle East policies of the President of the United States as well as some of the justifications (He really said they were not with the United States at Normandy) has generated condemnation by some of Arizona’s 2020 Democratic Congressional Candidates.


Congressional District Five Candidate Joan Greene

“I join the bipartisan Congress and Senate, our Nation, which includes the evangelical community, and voice support for the Kurds and the concerns of this administration’s actions.”

“The slaughter of our friends and the possibility of 12,000 ISIS free to commit terrorist attacks in Europe and the United States should have every elected official boldly speaking out against the betrayal of our allies.”  

“Where is Andy Biggs’s voice? His silence indicates he supports abandoning our friends for Trump’s personal gain.”

“Our Nation must stand with our allies and not stab them in the back. This is who we are as a Country and who we must continue to be.”

Congressional District Six Candidate Stephanie Rimmer

“The President’s announcement that he is removing the United States from its military leadership position on the ground in Syria is another impulsive decision with damaging and dangerous consequences for which we must accept accountability. Ethnic communities in the Middle East have suffered for centuries as warmongers, nation builders and the powerful elite play chess with their futures to protect borders, preferred political systems and alliances that have no foundation in protecting the dignity of human life, restoring peace nor protecting the vulnerable. I am now and always will be on the same side as humanitarian groups whose members sincerely care about protecting all human life entering communities during times of conflict to protect innocent lives. Across the world, we have a plethora of religious groups all of which espouse themselves to be the one true religion, yet none of which protects all people. The Middle East remains the region with the longest-running conflicts, often centered around the existence and identity of God. We can and must as a society put aside our differences and look to unite not on the origin of life nor the existence of God but instead over our shared humanity. It is from this shared humanity that we all also share the same rights to liberty, peace, and prosperity.”

Congressional District Eight Candidate Michael Muscato

“All Americans should be concerned that the president has, apparently on a whim, gone against the advice of his military leaders and abandoned our strongest ally against ISIS in the Middle East, the Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). The world views his abandonment as Trump’s giving tacit approval to a genocide and all news reports indicate that’s exactly what is happening. The result will be a strong message to all of our allies that the US cannot be trusted or depended upon. This is exactly what Putin wants.” 

“Debbie Lesko’s silence on this and other issues indicates she has abdicated her responsibility in representing our country and her CD8 constituents to the Republican Party. Even when provided the opportunity to face voters and answer their questions, she couldn’t even offer the courtesy of sending someone in her place or tell the organizers she wasn’t coming to the CD8 Town Hall. She doesn’t care about CD8 voters unless they’re Donors. That’s not representation.” 
“The difference between Democrats and Republicans used to be policy. Today the difference is morality, humanity, responsibility, loyalty to the Constitution and putting country before party. The Party of Lincoln is no more.”
Congressional District Eight Candidate Bob Musselwhite
“The Kurds have been our steadfast allies, they are not pawns to be discarded on a whim.”
“This Syrian move underlines the absence of good judgment on the part of the president, due to lack of training, experience, or understanding of the history of Turkey with respect to minorities within its borders.”
“It also sends a signal to other allies about our dependability as a nation.  In the end, it weakens us internationally.   It is an action I would associate in history as one of a tyrant, king, or absolute monarch who rules for self-interest and believes what is good for him is good for the nation.  It is the opposite of what our Constitution intends our leader to be.”  
“L’estate, c’est moi, said Louis XIV.”
“The people are the sovereign in this nation.  We have no king at least not yet.”
By pulling American troops from Northern Syria, Mr. Trump, as the 2020 Arizona Democratic Congressional Candidates have stated, has shown the world that allies are only for when they are needed and America’s word (at least as long as he occupies the oval office) is not worth anything.
This decision has put innocent blood on his hands and has created tensions in the region as well as N.A.T.O. (of which Turkey is a member).
It has emboldened the authoritarian leaders in Turkey, Iran, Syria, and Russa (who is fast becoming the patron of all these nations).
It has created an opening for a resurgent I.S.I.S. as the prisons housing their operatives, once guarded by the fleeing Kurds, are now increasingly vacant.




Featured Image from Rob Rogers