Arizona Democratic Legislative Caucus Leaders Nancy Gutierrez and Oscar De Los Santos Discuss the Big Picture for the Current Legislative Session

AZ Dem Legislative Caucus leaders Whip Rep. Nancy Gutierrez and Assistant Minority Leader Rep. Oscar De Los Santos joined’s Program Director Michael Bryan and President Joe Daniszewski for a substantive discussion about the issues and controversies in the current session of the Arizona State Legislature. Salon

For the impatient, here is the transcript of the discussion. You can query the AI about the transcript contents using natural language, e.g. “What was discussed about vouchers and education?” or ask for a general summary, which will give you a timestamped summary of topics discussed and then you can go directly to the topics that interest you. Welcome to the future, folks!

Big thanks to Nancy and Oscar for taking the time to explain to viewers what to expect in the current session! If you find this useful, please leave a comment or contact the leaders to let them know you appreciate their efforts to keep us informed and -most especially – let them know if you would like them to do this again soon!

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