The Arizona Secretary of State has released early unofficial results for the Arizona Primary held on August 2, 2022:

Arizona Election Results

Here are the results for contested Democratic statewide offices. Stay tuned for the close races, as not all precincts have been reported or counted. Turnout was reported at 28.49%.

Governor (open seat):

Katie Hobbs    350,851

Marco Lopez    106,991

Secretary of State (open seat):

Reginald Bolding   220,203

Adrian Fontes  246,525

Contested races in Southern Arizona for Democrats:

CD 6 (open seat)

Avery Anderson   4148
Kirsten Engel   40,632
Daniel Hernandez, Jr.  23,471

LD 18 Senate (open seat)

Morgan Abraham  12,650
Priya Sundareshan   14,213

LD 18 House (2 open seats)

Nathan Davis  9273
Nancy Gutierrez  16,155
Chris Mathis  10,422
Kat Stratford  9326
Charlie Verdin  1976

LD 21 House (2 open seats)

Consuelo Hernandez  10,469
Akanni Oyegbola  4969
Stephanie Stahl Hamilton  7471

For the Republican primary results, go to the same Sec. of State website, to see whom these Dem candidates will face off with in the General Election on Nov. 8, 2022.  These early returns are usually the mail in ballots, so stay tuned for counting of provisional ballots.