Doug Ducey discusses his approach to critical race theory

Doing his best to channel George Wallace, Governor Doug Ducey is banning Critical Race Theory in schools. Citing Arizona’s leadership in education, while also declaring that he is “protecting Arizonans against divisive and regressive lessons”. Let’s not forget that in 1987, Arizona’s own Governor Evan Mecham rescinded the MLK holiday and decided to offer up a “Civil Rights Day” instead, to be “celebrated” on a Sunday. This cost the state a Super Bowl and around $200 million in revenue. This resulted in our state being the last in the nation to formally accept the MLK holiday. If you just found out about this bit of trivia by reading this blog, then you also just found out WHY teaching Critical Race Theory is important.

Mitch’s Valentine

Over the weekend Donald Trump was acquıtted from the charges of inciting the riot on Capitol Hill that occurred on January 6th 2021. Mitch McConnell had publicly denounced Trump and stated that the former POTUS had instigated the mob to riot. Yet on Saturday, he showed just how gutless he truly is and where his loyalties actually lie, by joining 43 republican senators in voting to acquit the former President. If anyone finds McConnell’s spine please get it to him as soon as possible.

270 Trump vs Biden

Falling behind in the 2020 Presidential Election Trump wonders how this could happen to him. Never mind that he told his supporters not to use mail in ballots. Or that fact that he has been creating a divide within his own party not just the nation. How about the fact that he has done nothing about COVID-19? Or that he continues to stoke violence and hatred in his followers? Good riddance.

Showing each other up.

Republicans were super giddy when Nancy Pelosi got “caught” going to the hair salon without using a face mask, violating COVID restrictions. Conservatives were celebrating the “gotcha” moment they just scored, but then… Trump’s words. A report by the Atlantic stated that Trump referred to fallen troops as “losers” and “suckers” when he canceled a visit to the Aisle-Marne Cemetery in 2018.

Arnie: Low count

This past Saturday saw Trump return to the campaign trail in an attempt to rally his troops for the upcoming election against Joe Biden. The rally was held in Tulsa Oklahoma and promised crowds of around 1 million Trumpeters or MAGA/TS (Make America Great Again/ Trump Supporters (maggots for those uncertain of the pronunciation)). They even had an area for overflow outside since the capacity of the venue was only 19,000. The reality of the event was much different.