The Whiff of Political Discourse: Unpacking the Trending #TrumpSmells Hashtag

Ah, the scent of politics. Social media makes spreading political commentary as easy as releasing a silent but deadly. Memes are the sound bites, posts are the debate points, and somewhere in the midst of all this, actual politics is happening. It’s like watching reality TV but with higher stakes like, you know, the future of … Read more

DJT sells snake oil

Health Care Horror Show: The ACA Nightmare Redux

Just when we thought the health care horror show was over, the presumptive Republican nominee is boasting a sequel worse than the original. On the 2024 campaign trail, the Polyester Cockwomble promises a real nightmare: he’ll destroy the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and, with it, the health care of over 40 million Americans. Because nothing … Read more

Gosar’s Gaffe: Greedily Gambling the Grand Canyon

Welcome to another episode of “What the Hell, Arizona?” starring none other than Republican Congressman Paul Gosar. You know: one of those guys who makes headlines for all the wrong reasons. Well, Gosar is back at it again, and this time he’s taking on a national treasure: the Grand Canyon. The Monumental Declaration First, let’s … Read more

Helpless Daddy and kid watch in horror as books are burned

UPDATED: Scholastic’s Slippery Slide into Censorship: Time to Rally

UPDATE 10/25/23: Scholastic Backs Down! Read the Letter! The Scholastic Book Fair will return its books on race and gender to its broader collection, in response to protests and criticism that separating these titles supports right-wing censorship across the U.S. “I want to apologize on behalf of Scholastic,” Ellie Berger, president of Scholastic Trade Publishing, … Read more