Government Shutdown Countdown: Are Your Boots Safe?

We are teetering on the edge of a MAGA shutdown that threatens devastating consequences for communities nationwide. Meanwhile, the adorable little Republicans are once again locked into a cult-driven, rage-filled mission of political maneuvering and bloodlust. It’s sheer madness. “I don’t think there’s enough time to work out a deal,” said former Congressman Ron Barber … Read more

Unleash Your Education Superpowers: Support Your Local School Board

Isn’t it incredible how public schools shape the future of our country? Dedicated teachers, curious students, and vibrant classrooms are the heart of healthy communities. Our public schools are backed by something equally important—school governing boards. These boards are like the secret sauce behind the scenes, making decisions that impact everything from curriculum to school … Read more

Jaw-Dropping Opinion: Doctors’ Gratification Trumps Women’s Health

Apparently, a Republican-appointed judge believes a woman’s decision to have an abortion violates a doctor’s desire to see a woman experience pregnancy and childbirth. Yeah, ’cause all the world’s a stage—or some kind of peep show—and all the women are merely players, to bastardize Shakespeare. And the so-called “aesthetic injury” of not being able to … Read more

CFSD vs the Rabble Rousers: Cue the Torches and Pitchforks

An inexplicable digital oddity hit my doom-scrolling radar this week: With the subtlety of a sledgehammer to a watermelon, this site is supposedly the brainchild of a mysterious cabal of educational illusionists dubbed The Center for Excellence in Public Schools. Sounds less like a bona fide academic think tank than a Klandestine Koffee Klatch … Read more