UPDATED 7/2: Tough Love for Demoralized Dems

Time for Stoicism people: stop fretting about what you can’t change; redouble your focus on what you can affect. We Democrats and Joe Biden had one poor night in the recent debate. So what? Stop yapping about changing candidates or worrying that the sky has fallen based on one event. If we knew that Joe … Read more

The First Debate Was Complete Malarkey. There Should Not Be a Second.

I feel much dumber and less informed for having watched the complete shit show that was the first Presidential debate. The entire program was simply Trump telling outrageous and obvious lies and Biden trying vainly to stem the sewage flow coming from Trump’s smirking maw. CNN’s decision not to fact-check Trump (and Biden) during the … Read more

Tucson Agenda Covers the Pima Treasurer Democratic Primary

Full disclosure: I organized this event as the Program Director of TheDGT.org in conjunction with the good folks at Tucson Agenda. -Ed. MDB I was thrilled to see Tucson Agenda’s write-up of the program in great detail. This is exactly why we need real journalists, like Curt and Cait, covering local matters full-time. You should … Read more

SCOTUS Doesn’t do Anything Truly Terrible Today! Just Rather Terrible… And Some Good?

It is, unfortunately, noteworthy when our SCOTUS doesn’t do something truly awful when handing down opinions, or cynically manipulating the law with the “Shadow Docket”. We got a few opinions today and not all of them were terrible. Two of them I find notable and illustrative of the abuse of discretion contained in Robert’s new … Read more

Pima County Treasurer’s Debate: Sami Hamed and Brian Johnson Make their Case

The Democrats of Greater Tucson, in conjunction with the Tucson Agenda Substack newsletter, sponsored a live debate event for the Democratic candidates vying to take on the appointed Republican incumbent this fall. Here is the video of the event for you to enjoy. There are surprisingly substantive differences, as well as big differences in approach … Read more