Wacko Wadsack Does it Again: She’s a 9/11 Conspiracist, Too!

by Jerod MacDonald-Evoy, Arizona MirrorSeptember 12, 2023 “On the 22nd anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Tucson Republican state Sen. Justine Wadsack shared a fake transcript from United Flight 93 and liked multiple posts on social media alluding to the events of the day being a “false flag” and an “inside job.”  “It was … Read more

Margot Cowan On Legal Representation for Immigrants

Margo has been fighting for years to get an initiative on the ballot to provide legal representation for those immigrants in deportation proceedings. Here is a great discussion of the issue on the Border Chronicle podcast. I also recommend subscribing to the Border Chronicle newsletter on substack. https://www.theborderchronicle.com/p/people-need-representation-a-podcast?r=ql07&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web

Apparently, Not Quite Everyone is Sick of Sinema… Just Arizona Democrats – Independents, Too!

An interesting tidbit from some of Sinema’s Democratic colleagues inside the Beltway from Julia Ioffe… The Sinema Lovefest: One of the more counterintuitive themes to emerge from my recent conversations with Senate Democratic sources is that Kyrsten Sinema, who officially left the party late last year, is surprisingly now being seen by many inside the party as … Read more

ADP State Committee Meeting Results

Today was the state committee meeting of the AZ Democratic Party, of which I am a member. Bottom Line Voting Results: There was an election to replace our Senior Vice Chair Yamanata, who recently resigned. The candidates were Bonnie Heidler of Pima County and Elisabeth Tyndall of Cochise County. Ms. Heidler was elected 269/219. We … Read more