Hank Stephenson of Arizona Agenda and Rep. Analise Ortiz Discuss the Power of Housing Zoning Reform to Create Affordable Housing

An Interesting discussion ensued on Arizona Agenda’s (please consider becoming a paid subscriber, like me!) boozy livestream tonight about Gov. Hobbs’ veto of a bi-partisan zoning and code reform bill to override some city restrictions that prevent the construction of lower cost housing. The first third of the session with Rep. Ortiz (her TikTok is … Read more

#AbeHamaduhh Praises a Lawless Dictator Who Throws His Citizens in Jail Without Due Process

The MAGA fetish for foreign dictators is disgusting and disqualifying in a democratic polity with respect for the rule of law and civil rights. But Abe Hamadeh (who is running as a carpetbagging candidate in AZ’s CD 8 and was the loser in the 2022 AZ Attorney General race) just demonstrated both his willful ignorance … Read more

Kari Lake Plays the Victim Even as She Admits She Maliciously Lied About Recorder Stephen Richer and the 2022 Election

#LyingLoserLake just can’t help but shamelessly lie, deflect, play the victim, and smear her political opponents with coded racist slurs. She has filed a motion to default in her defense of Maricopa Recorder Stephen Richer’s defamation lawsuit against her for her provable lies about him and his administration during the 2022 election. In her motion, … Read more

UPDATED 3/22: TheDGT.org Visits With Our Democratic Candidates for Arizona Corporation Commission – Nominate Them Now!

UPDATED 3/22: We are in the home stretch, folks. It is the final week to collection nomination signatures and we urgently need to get our ACC candidates on the ballot! Any Democrat or independent in the state of Arizona can nominate our three candidates in the E-Qual system. So grab your driver license or voter … Read more

UPDATED 3/22: See Simon Rosenberg’s Hopium Chronicles Event for Ruben Gallego NOW:

UPDATE: The Hopium Chronicles is raising money for Ruben Gallego’s campaign, and you can pitch In (Last time I checked they are at $87k of the $100k goal)! Rep. Ruben Gallego, our Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate from Arizona, discussed his campaign with Simon Rosenberg of Hopium Chronicles in a live discussion. Now you can … Read more