Roe v. Wade Overturned, Christian Nationalism Activated

            Today, June 24th, 2022, the United States Supreme Court has overruled nearly five decades of precedent, striking down the landmark Roe v. Wade which established the constitutional right to abortion. The horrifying decision comes in the wake of a Trump-installed court that is decidedly right-wing, underpinned by conservative political ideologies unrepresentative … Read more

Women’s Bodies, Ducey’s Choice

Governor Doug Ducey just signed three bills violating constitutional principles: SB1164, banning abortion after 15 weeks; SB1165, prohibiting trans girls from sports; and SB1138, restricting gender transitions. Each is a reminder that there are lawmakers who pay no regard to the constitutional separation of church and state, the Establishment Clause, nor our founding principles. Prejudicing marginalized communities and … Read more

We Are Not in Revolutionary America: Take Down the Damn Pine Tree Flag

During the first week of the legislative session, Secular AZ learned that a Christian nationalist Appeal to Heaven flag is being hanged in a public area of the State House building. The Pine Tree Flag dates back to the American Revolution. Colonists disobeyed orders disallowing the cultivation of pine trees, which Britain wanted for the construction … Read more

“Pale, Male, and Yale”: Will the State Department Reflect America’s Diversity?

The federal agency tasked with conducting U.S. foreign policy and representing the nation abroad is associated with an identity that does not capture the experiences of ordinary Americans – it captures the opposite. “Pale, Male, and Yale” is a long-running joke at the State Department that reflects an unfortunate reality. For decades, the Department has … Read more