Awesome! Pete Peterson’s ‘Fix The Debt’ gets massively trolled


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It couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch of plutocrat losers.

Simpsoneatscatfood-188x300The Peter G. Peterson Foundation, which is dedicated to the destruction of social security and Medicare, and reversing the New Deal, Fair Deal, and Great Society of the 20th Century to take us back to the halceon days of the Gilded Age of the 19th Century when robber baron plutocrats like them ruled the day, is the organization behind its front group "Fix The Debt," whose public face is the comic duo of Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson from the failed National Commission on Fiscal Responsiblity and Reform aka the "Catfood Commission."

I have frequently reminded readers that "The Washington Post partnered with Pete Peterson to write about the deficit, er, spread his propaganda. The Washington Post Lets Pete Peterson Write The News On The Deficit." Other news organizations also have given ready access to Fix The Debt, without any disclosure as to who they are or disclaimer of their conflicts of interest. See Fix the Debt Leaders and Conflicts of Interest – SourceWatch.

The Pete Peterson front group "Fix the Debt" staged a question-and-answer chat on Twitter Thursday, and got massively trolled. 'Fix the Debt' reaches out on Twitter, gets massively trolled:

Its goal presumably was to reach America's smartphone-savvy youth with its message that Social Security and Medicare payments to their grandparents are going to land them in the poorhouse a few decades from now. 

It's fair to say that "Fix the Debt" got more than it bargained for.
Twitterers from all over responded to the invitation with pointed,
tactless and downright impolite questions. Many of them aimed to discern
how paring social insurance benefits for the elderly and infirm will
make society stronger, which is the core of the organization's
worldview. Those so inclined can still post their thoughts at

Among the choicer comments:
"Can you explain why anyone chooses to be born poor? Why should the rest
of us be responsible for their flawed decision-making?" (That's from
Twitter user @jefftiedrich.) 

A couple of good roundups of the dialogue thus far can be found at the Washington Post's knowmore site and at Liberaland. [More at Fix The Debt Trolled On Twitter – Business Insider]

How awesome is this? From the Washington Post Wonkblog's Suzy Khimm:

Screenshot from 2013-10-18 08:49:26

You may wish to know a bit more about "Fix the Debt." As we wrote last week,
it's supposedly a bipartisan pressure group, but its leadership is
heavily stocked from the potentate wing of both parties — listed as its
Democratic co-founder is Erskine Bowles, a director of the investment
bank Morgan Stanley.

It's an arm of the Committee for a Responsible Budget, which is funded by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation. Peterson is an influential billionaire whose distaste for Social Security and Medicare as they exist today is a byword, as we reported last year. Michael Peterson, his son, is on Fix the Debt's steering committee.

The larger issue here is the blurring of lines between propaganda from far-right interest groups like Pete Peterson's Fix The Debt, and the mainstram media which reports it as objective news without any disclosure as to who they are or disclaimer of their conflicts of interest.


  1. Okay, the debt is 36 times larger than 40 years ago. Did you consider how much larger our national income is now than 40 years ago? How large our asset base is compared to 40 years ago? How low Treasury’s interest rate on borrowing is compared to 40 years ago?

    The issue isn’t the size of our debt, it’s the ability to service it. And to make the comparison between now and 40 years ago, you have to consider borrowing costs, income and assets in addition to the debt itself. The comments you posted here and to the previous post are meaningless. You’re not giving any context. It may be that our ability to service our debt has declined, but the decline is marginal, not geometric, as you want readers to believe. Were you trying to mislead, or did you just not know that the amount of debt we owe, in the abstract, is a meaningless statistic? If the former, you’re dishonest. If the latter, you’re woefully uninformed.

  2. But the fact remains that the US national debt is 36 times larger than it was just 40 years ago. We are literally destroying the future of America, and Americans, including their congressmen from both sides of the aisle, don’t really care.

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