AZ Congress Members Allege Price Gouging Phoenix


Is there anything more disgusting than unscrupulous people trying to price-gouge and profiteer in a national crisis? Recall the national outrage aimed at a random dude in Tennesee buying up hand sanitizer to resell at a profit?

It’s just charging what the market will bear, right? No. There is no ethical justification for this selfish and greedy behavior when lives and public safety are on the line. Most states have laws against it for that very reason. Of course, Arizona does not, because… Well, ask the GOP-controlled legislature why not. I haven’t a fucking clue.

But it’s not just random greedy individual assholes doing this. It’s national companies, too.

Arizona House Members Greg Stanton and Ruben Gallego are alleging that, based in Kentucky, is gouging Phoenix up to 600% over what they charged for N95 safety face masks they have sold the city in the past, as well as requiring significant pre-payments on new orders.

In a letter to U.S. Attorney General Barr and FTC Chairman Simons, the Members ask those agencies to open an investigation of Gall. I’m thinking we shouldn’t hold our collective breath on the Trump Administration holding any corporation to account for bad behavior during this crisis.

This is certainly not the only instance of price-gouging on safety masks during this crisis, given what I found on simple Google News search, there are many companies doing the exactly the same around the country.

Galls’ moto on it’s home page is “Proud to Serve America’s Public Safety Professionals.” Right… Should read, “Proud to Rip Off America’s Public Safety Professionals During a Time of National Crisis.” Or maybe just, “We’ve Got Some Fucking Gall.”

This particular instance of vile behavior is aimed squarely at Arizona’s own public servants, in particular, so we Arizona citizens should not sit still for it.

Let them, and the Better Business Bureau, know what you think about their greed and lack of ethics.

Maybe let AZ’s AG Brnovich hear about it, too. He seems to be making the right noises about protecting consumers during the pandemic, so maybe he can be motivated to get involved, even without Arizona statues to work with. Maybe the Trump Administration will listen to one of it’s own lick-spittle toadies. This Administration seems impervious to advice or criticism from anyone who doesn’t actively osculate Trump’s rear end, so maybe Brnovich is the right guy for the job.