AZ Donkey Feed Update

The AZ Donkey Feed is a curated feed of the latest Arizona political news from the state’s new and old media, compiled (mostly) daily by editor Michael Bryan.

For those folks who follow the AZ Donkey Feed, there is bad news and good news. The service is, of course, available on our blog’s sidebar, but it is also an RSS feed to which you can subscribe. That feed was previously made available for subscription through Google’s Feedburner: the bad news is that service has been discontinued due to an apparently unresolvable technical compatibility problem between Digg’s Reader and Feedburner.  The good news is, if you wish to subscribe to the RSS feed you can still to do so directly using the AZ Donkey Feed RSS feed. We are looking for an email subscription solution that will properly display the links to original sources. Suggestions are welcome.

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