Bernie Sanders: Candidate of the AZ Democratic “establishment”


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So I have no problem with this per se:

bernie press release

It’s perfectly their prerogative for several Democratic legislators, county supervisors, and council members to endorse the Presidential candidate of their choosing. It’s even alright for the three people who listed their positions in the state or county parties to do so. I’ve never believed anyone was required to refrain from making an endorsement as an individual. What I don’t care for is the double standard. Maricopa County Chair Steven Slugocki tells me that he has been given a very hard time for doing things like simply appearing in a photo with Hillary Clinton supporters or “liking” a positive Facebook post about the Democratic Presidential candidate. I have a strong feeling that the animosity toward Steve goes well beyond disapproval of the appearance of impartiality by a party official or policy differences between the two Democratic candidates. No, it’s looks more like white-hot hatred for Hillary and her supporters.

And again, while there’s nothing inherently wrong with a bunch of Bernie Sanders supporters in, ahem, prominent Democratic elected and party positions putting out a press release and holding a press conference to express their support for Senator Sanders, there is a certain inescapable irony in it. Does it neutralize your being part of the odious Democratic “establishment” when you are supporting the “anti-establishment” candidate? Is that how that works?


  1. I think I can summarize this article in two sentences:

    Some people like Bernie and some people like Hillary.

    Someone got called a name on Facebook.

    Donna, I love your work and respect your opinions, but the Bernie Bros vs. the Hillary-bots discussion is divisive and the least important issue of the campaign.

      • I live in a retirement community (600 units) with mostly Republicans and Independent voters. Some Democrats. A neighbor on the next street has Hillary bumperstickers on her car. We met at the community mailboxes this afternoon. I was wearing a Bernie shirt. She remarked that she needs to get one for herself.

        A few months ago, we spoke in the grocery store parking lot. I’ve had Elizabeth Warren stickers on my car for a couple of years. She (this neighbor) at that time asked me if I was “Ready for Hillary.” I told her I’d rather vote for Warren, but if Hillary was the only Democrat then yes.

        My point… the tide had turned.

        Again, I point to Elvia Diaz’ coverage on azcentral of the Monday press conference. Diaz posed, “What does Hillary Clinton or her supporters say to Arizonans? Nothing. Clinton has passionate individual supporters in the state but it’s hard to find an organized effort.

        Even those most ardent supporters couldn’t identify Hillary Clinton staffers or her key volunteers.”

        I realize it’s frustrating for Hillary’s supporters. But the bottom line is that her campaign is not resonating with voters. Period.

  2. Maybe the Clinton campaign should start paying attention to Arizona. I stopped by the Pima County Dem’s office the other day and while there was a lot of Sanders lit there was nothing from Clinton!

  3. Yeah, trust those “strong feelings,” Donna. That objective evidence will win us lots of elections.

    Did anyone see Elvia Diaz’ coverage on azcentral of this press conference?

  4. where have all the latinos been? not running for state wide office in arizona. they should be asked what they think of fred duval appealing to republicans instead of latino democrats.

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