BfAZ Readers: Please Sign on to My Petition to Senator Flake



I’ve started a petition addressed to Senator Flake regarding the Senate Tax Plan.

I’ll start with the first few paragraphs here, followed by a link to read the rest and sign.

Dear Senator Flake:

Your political beliefs do not line up with those of all your constituents. Many of us disagree with your votes far more often than we agree.

But we all respect you. We’ve always felt your votes, and your words, reflected your principles, not the dictate of some donor or a cynical political calculation.

So we’re not surprised to read that you are taking a hard look at the Senate tax bill and have concerns about its fiscal impact. We salute you for doing so.

As you consider your vote, we urge you to consider what the real cost of this tax plan will be. The sticker price, $1.5 trillion, is huge, but undoubtedly is a gross understatement. Here are a few of the areas you might want to explore on that front:

Read Remainder of Letter and Sign at

If you agree with me on this, please post a link to your Facebook page or Twitter feed. Thanks, Bob


  1. Trickle down does not work and didn’t with Reagan and didn’t in Kansas. We don’t need it nationwide. There is no guarantee that corporations will give raises to their workers when they get a big tax cut. The middle class and poor people need the tax cut, not millionaires and billionaires!
    Please vote NO on this tax cut!

    • Unfortunately you can lead supply siders to reason but you can’t make them think. Especially those who put personal profit over country.

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