Brewer’s M.O.: Ducking Goddard

by David Safier

Both Goddard and the Accidental Guv were invited to be interviewed on Fox 10 this morning. Goddard showed up. Brewer didn't. Brewer's people said simply, "She's not available."

NOTE TO THE MEDIA: Don't let Brewer get her talking points out without confronting her on the issues. Learn what she's going to say, educate yourself on the issues, and ask her tough questions. If she refuses to go beyond her talking points, call her on it. That's your job.

And ask her why she's afraid to go up against Goddard one-on-one.

One response to “Brewer’s M.O.: Ducking Goddard

  1. The most important state race is for Governor. Governor Brewer has brought shame to the State and embarrassment to all of us who call Arizona home. But there seems to be no end of dirt associated with her and those she has chosen to advise her. I hope against hope that John Dougherty who fought a good run for Senate and has impeccable credentials as an investigative reporter will feel challenged to dig out the dirt and help Arizona elect Terry Goddard for our next Governor!

    Please, John, Arizona needs you soooo badly!!!