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By Craig McDermott, crossposted from Random Musings

Some updates –

Federal offices:

Shawn Redd, a Navajo businessman, has filed to run for the R nomination for US Senate.

…”Cranky Pants”, no treasurer listed and a committee address of a mail drop in Litchfield Park, has filed to run for president as an independent (the filing is probably someone’s idea of a practical joke, but it gives me an excuse to use the phrase “cranky pants” in a post that isn’t about John McCain 🙂 ).

Note: the first day for real candidates to file the paperwork necessary to appear on the ballot for Arizona Presidential Preference Election is November 13; the deadline is December 14 at 5 p.m. (AZ time)


State level offices:

…The races for the legislative offices in LD26 (parts of Tempe and Mesa) are getting complicated.

Incumbent state senator Ed Ableser (D) is resigning at the end of September in order to move to Nevada for a job.

Current State Rep. Andrew Sherwood and chair of the LD26 Democrats Sam Pstross are among those who have indicated an interest in being appointed to serve out the rest of Ableser’s term in the Senate.

Michael Martinez, a candidate for JP in 2014, and Steve Muratore, a fellow blogger (full disclosure time: while Steve and I both have our individual blogs, we both contribute to Blog for Arizona), have formed committees to run for a House seat there (probably on the presumption that Sherwood will run for the Senate seat regardless of who is appointed to serve out the term).

Expect others to step up in both races…

Judah Nativio, a member of the Queen Creek Unified School District’s governing board, has filed for a run for the Republican nomination for on of the House seats in LD16.  In 2008, in the then-LD18, he was the Democratic nominee for state senate (Russell Pearce won that particular election).

…Current state rep. Sonny Borrelli and former state senator Ron Gould have formed committees to run for the R nomination for the LD5 senate seat currently held by Kelli Ward, who is running for the US Senate seat held by John McCain.

...Pamela Powers Hannley, also a blogger and also a contributor to Blog for Arizona, has filed to run for the Democratic nomination for one of the LD9 House seats there.  Incumbent Victoria Steele is running for Congress.


Note: Readers who don’t live in Maricopa County can stop reading now.  The rest of this post is Maricopa-centric. 🙂

Maricopa County:

…Michael Bodak has filed to run for the Republican nomination for Maricopa County Sheriff.  On his campaign website, he touts his lack of experience as his greatest qualification for the office.

…Leonore Driggs has filed to run for the Republican nomination for Justice of the Peace in the Arcadia-Biltmore justice precinct.  Normally, I don’t bother mentioning JP races in these posts (though since this is my justice precinct, I might have done so anyway 🙂 ), but she merits some attention because she is the wife of State Senator Adam Driggs.

…A committee has formed to urge US Marshal David Gonzalez to run for the office of Maricopa County Sheriff.  It is *not* a candidate committee.  Their website is here.


Local races –


…Former state senator Jerry Lewis (R), best known for defeating the infamous Russell Pearce during Pearce’s recall election is running for Mesa City Council, is targeting a seat held by current council member Dennis Kavanaugh.  Kavanagh is retiring.

From the Arizona Republic, written by Maria Polletta –

After a 2 1/2-year hiatus, former state Sen. Jerry Lewis is itching to get back into politics — this time, at the municipal level.

The 58-year-old assistant superintendent of Sequoia Schools has filed to run for southwest Mesa’s District 3 City Council seat, joining 36-year-old urban-development advocate Ryan Winkle in the race to replace Vice Mayor Dennis Kavanaugh in January 2017.

…As mentioned in the above article, so is Ryan Winkle.



…Dan Schweiker, a former member of the Paradise Valley Town Council, has formed a committee for a run at a seat on the Scottsdale City Council.



…Mike Jennings, a Tempe businessman and apparently the golden child chosen candidate of the Tempe Chamber of Commerce, has formed a committee for a run at the Tempe City Council.

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  1. My earlier comment didn’t post probably due to URL links. So here’s the list of potential So. AZ Dem candidates:
    LD 2 House: Aaron Baumann (UA Law student) and Sunnyside Bd. member Daniel Hernandez Jr. (primary race)
    LD 9 House: Pamela Powers Hannley, blogger
    LD 10 House: Courtney Frogge, activist
    LD 11 House: Dr. Corin Hammond, geoscientist

  2. Here’s my earlier comment which somehow didn’t get approved:

    Here’s what I know is happening as to potential candidates in Southern AZ:

    LD 2 House: Aaron Baumann (UA Law student),;

    LD 9 House: BfAZ blogger Pam Powers Hannley (as you mentioned above):

    LD 10 House: Courtney Frogge: (I already posted on her campaign launch)

    LD 11 House: Corin Hammond to launch on October 18 — see our Calendar

  3. Besides the earlier list from So. Arizona I also just learned that Tucson Tragedy hero Daniel Hernandez Jr. (currently on the Sunnyside School Bd.) is considering a bid for LD 2 House as well. Democrat Rosanna Gabaldon serves in the other LD 2 House seat, but the Dems hope to unseat Republican House Rep. Chris Ackerley in the general.

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