Candidates for Pima County offices 2024

Deadline for nomination petitions was 5 p.m. on April 1, 2024. Here’s the list who filed to run for Pima County offices:


Suzanne Droubie (D), incumbent (UNOPPOSED)



Laura Conover (D), incumbent

Mike Jette (D)


Board of Supervisors District 1

Rex Scott (D), incumbent

Jake Martin (D)

Steve Spain (R)

Robert L. Reus* (I) – in General


Board of Supervisors District 2

Matt Heinz (D), incumbent

John D. Backer (R)
Beatrice Cory Stephens (R)


Board of Supervisors District 3 (open seat)

Jennifer Allen (D)
Iman-Utopia Layjou Bah* (I) – in General
Miguel Cuevas (D), former TUSD Bd. member
April Hiosik Ignacio (D)
Edgar Francis Soto (D)

Janet “JL” Wittenbraker (R)


Board of Supervisors District 4

Stephen W. Christy (R), incumbent

Vanessa Bechtol (D)


Board of Supervisors District 5

Adelita Grijalva (D), incumbent

Val Romero* (I) – in General (current TUSD Bd. member)



Gabriella Cazares-Kelly (D), incumbent

Dominic Campbell-Gonzalez (R)



Chris Nanos (D), incumbent

Sanford (Sandy) Rosenthal (D)

Terry A. Frederick (R)

Heather Lappin (R)

William P. Phillips (R)


Superintendent of Schools

Dustin J. Williams (D), incumbent (UNOPPOSED)


Treasurer (open seat)

John Christopher Ackerley (R), incumbent, (appointed 4/16/24)

Brian Johnson (D)
Sami Hamed (D)


For list of candidates for Justices of the Peace and Constables, go to the Pima County Elections website: 5f59b2b5-a544-4c9b-b93a-682b0ad1b318 (

*Independents have already qualified to run in the General Election on Nov. 5, 2024. Ds, and Rs will run off in the primary against others of their own party, if any. Then they advance to the General election.

So looks like Dem primaries for Pima County Attorney, Sheriff & Treasurer, with primaries for Board of Supervisors in D 1 and 3. On the Republican side, only primaries for Sheriff and Supervisor in D 2.

Stay tuned for challenges to these nomination petitions filed. Arizona Primary will be on July 30, 2024. Vote wisely.

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