Carefully Scripted Debate Answers Don’t Cut It, Part I

The Hillary supporters have their chests fully puffed out.

She was poised and she was “smart in her answers” I’ve read.

One of her “smart” answers was how she wanted to “wait and see” what happened in the states before moving forward on marijuana legalization. Yes, it’s a “smart” answer, if you care more about winning votes than you do about human lives, both Mexican and American. It won’t trouble the folks who are pro-legalization that much, and it also won’t scare the “we’ll all go to pot” crowd. And her supporters, even those who favor legalization, are so quick to point out how the states are incubators for democracy.

A real “progressive” who knows how to “stand her ground,” huh?

The trouble with Hillary’s answer?

Well, it perpetuates a system that is causing innocent Mexicans caught in the crossfire of drug cartels to lose their lives. Daily. Every single day Mexicans die because or America’s crazy-ass drug laws. So, for every day that Hillary “waits to see,” people will die.

And even if Mexicans aren’t that important to you (they are to me), there are Americans whose lives are being ruined by the over-criminalization of marijuana possession. That’s happening daily as well. The longer we “wait to see” the more lives are ruined. Mostly black lives.

And let’s not forget: this candidate who wants to “wait to see” actually helped to create the problems caused by America’s drug laws by lobbying for the 1994 crime bill. She’s acknowledged the mistake she made on that front, but sort of wants to “wait and see” if it makes sense to counteract the problems she helped to create.

But she was so “poised” in the debate. “She won.”

I wonder who lost.


11 responses to “Carefully Scripted Debate Answers Don’t Cut It, Part I

  1. captain*arizona

    Mrs. clinton won the debate by showing she was ready for the presidency. Bernie sanders is unelectable and it showed though his moderate stance on gun control may help in certain primary states. Mrs. clinton might get the majority of white women to voted democratic instead of republican as they do now. But probably not here in arizona.

  2. I’d also like to add that this debate is the first time I have heard Bernie NOT equivocate on legalization. Generally, he falls back on his history as mayor.

    • Just goes to show you CAN teach an old dog new tricks…

      • Wouldn’t this be considered flip-flopping or changing his mind? Gosh.

        • Well, we are talking about Bernie Sanders and his inability to address the immigration issue earlier, and now he is able to do so. I don’t know that it would constitute changing his mind as much as actually giving it some thought. That is why I say you can teach an old dog new tricks by teaching him what to say that people want to hear. Just don’t ask him something his handlers haven’t trained him to talk about yet. ;o)

  3. Since when is it undesirable for a presidential candidate to be poised, prepared and smart?

    • When it is Hillary. ;o)

    • It’s not. But what she had to say about several issues was notably troubling.

      Her claim about being a progressive evoked widespread cognitive dissonance. In other words, she didn’t come off as believable. But that’s not the most troubling.

      Hillary isn’t prepared, if we are to take her at her word during the debate, to stand opposed to the 1 percent. Her responses about the Patriot Act and Snowden were quite troubling.

      I appreciated what she said about women’s reproductive health care. That was probably the best answer she gave all night.

      Simply put, poise and projecting confidence, while important, don’t close the deal.

  4. Robert Reich gave Clinton an A for explaining the central importance of widening economic inequality, but a “C or D or maybe even a failing grade”when it came to explaining what she would actually do about it.

  5. Yeah, she was poised and projected confidence. But quite a few of her answers, including those you cited, Bob, were troubling to me.

    The concept of winning a presidential debate seems silly to me. Claims by Hillary supporters that she won seem intended, in my view, to psych those who weren’t paying attention to what she or any of the others in the debate said.

    I #FeelTheBERN!

  6. One of the few things for which I have applauded the Obama Justice Department was the recent decision to release some 6,000 non-violent drug (mostly marijuana) offenders from prison. Of course, their lives have been largely ruined by the Draconian laws that put them in jail in the first place, but at least they are no longer sitting in jail. Now, if the Justice Department could only do something to expunge their records of their convictions…