The Hillary supporters have their chests fully puffed out.

She was poised and she was “smart in her answers” I’ve read.


One of her “smart” answers was how she wanted to “wait and see” what happened in the states before moving forward on marijuana legalization. Yes, it’s a “smart” answer, if you care more about winning votes than you do about human lives, both Mexican and American. It won’t trouble the folks who are pro-legalization that much, and it also won’t scare the “we’ll all go to pot” crowd. And her supporters, even those who favor legalization, are so quick to point out how the states are incubators for democracy.

A real “progressive” who knows how to “stand her ground,” huh?

The trouble with Hillary’s answer?

Well, it perpetuates a system that is causing innocent Mexicans caught in the crossfire of drug cartels to lose their lives. Daily. Every single day Mexicans die because or America’s crazy-ass drug laws. So, for every day that Hillary “waits to see,” people will die.

And even if Mexicans aren’t that important to you (they are to me), there are Americans whose lives are being ruined by the over-criminalization of marijuana possession. That’s happening daily as well. The longer we “wait to see” the more lives are ruined. Mostly black lives.

And let’s not forget: this candidate who wants to “wait to see” actually helped to create the problems caused by America’s drug laws by lobbying for the 1994 crime bill. She’s acknowledged the mistake she made on that front, but sort of wants to “wait and see” if it makes sense to counteract the problems she helped to create.

But she was so “poised” in the debate. “She won.”

I wonder who lost.