Carmona campaign ad: ‘Rally’


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The Dr. Richard Carmona for U.S. Senate campaign has released the last ad of the campaign. Press release:

Carmona ad release: 'Rally'
Closing pitch pledges to give voters 'the Arizona they deserve' 

Rich Carmona's U.S. Senate campaign released a new ad entitled "Rally," featuring video taken throughout Carmona's travels across Arizona, including President Bill Clinton's recent visit to Tempe. 

"We are a state of good people who are committed to do the right things, to educate our kids, provide opportunity, so that every single kid can appreciate the American Dream like I did," Carmona tells voters. 

The one-minute ad also tallies much of the praise Carmona has received from voters, organizations and media for his "bipartisan appeal" and "independence."  

"So many of us are tired of the extremist, vitrolitic politics that's out there right. We're in gridlock now," Carmona, a lifelong independent, says. "Now it's time to take government back and give you the Arizona you deserve."

"I can't think of a person in America who is more needed at this moment in our history in the U.S. Senate," President Bill Clinton told thousands of supporters at a rally in October. "If you want America to come together and not be torn apart; if you want there to be a 21st-century modern American middle class, you've got to vote for Rich Carmona for the United States Senate."


Video below the fold.

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