Closing Arguments 2012


PushForVictoryWelcome to Closing Arguments for the 2012 campaign.

Our authors have been working all campaign season to provide information about and insight into the various races voters in Arizona will be making decisions about. Here are there selected thoughts about the various candidates. If you are now making up your mind, please give their work a look.

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2012 Season – GOP v. Americans:

Powers: “Where are all the women at? We’re at war” and “Maricopa County election fraud: Two official documents give Spanish speakers wrong election date”

Blue: “GOP war on Voting: Nathan Sproul supervisor arrested for tossing Democratic voter registrations in Virginia”

President – Obama v. Romney:

Powers: “If you’re still undecided after debate II, you’re not paying attention

Lord: Mitt’s Tax Plan — How Bad Becomes Worse” and “Dissecting Mitt’s Intellectually Dishonest Tax Policy”

Blue: “Fact Checking the mendacity of ‘Mittens'” and “Romney Unplugged: Romney holds ‘47%’ of Americans in utter contempt”

Senate – Carmona v. Flake:

Powers: “Can Arizona Democrats take back Kyl’s Senate seat in November?

Bryan: “Dr. Richard Carmona is the Best Democratic Political Return on Investment in Any Senate Race in the Nation” and “Jeff Flake Really Doesn’t Want You to Vote For Him!”

Blue: “Arizona Illustrated (PBS) U.S. Senate candidate debate” and “Horizon (PBS) Arizona U.S. Senate Debate” and “The Arizona Republic(an) Editorial Board interview of U.S. Senate Candidates Carmona and Flake” and “This Flake is far too extreme for Arizona” and

CD1 – Kirkpatrick v. Paton:

Blue: Jonathan ‘Payday’ Paton collecting from his payday lender pals” and “‘Better know a district’: Kirkpatrick does, Paton does not” 

CD2 – Barber v. McSally:

Powers: “Martha McSally: Warrior woman hides from questions, constituents, inconsistencies” also at HuffPo and “Martha McSally: The anti-feminist” also at HuffPo

Blue: “Arizona Illustrated (PBS) CD 2 Congressional Debate” and “CD 2 Debate recap” 

CD9 – Sinema v. Parker:

Bryan: Vernon Parker, The Issue Kyrsten Sinema Raised is That You Support Ryan’s Entitlement Reforms”

Blue: “Horizon (PBS) CD 9 Congressional Debate” 

State Legislature:

Safier: Would Ethan Orr be Jim Click’s man in Phoenix?”

Bryan: “David Bradley Has Some Unexpected New Friends”

Blue: “Arizona Illustrated LD 2 House candidate debate” and “LD 8 Citizens Clean Elections Debate” and “Arizona Illustrated LD 9 House Candidate Debate” and “Citizens Clean Elections LD 10 House candidate debate”and “LD 11 Citizens Clean Elections Debate” and “The trouble with ‘E.Orr'” and “The Troubling Tyler Mott waves the bloody shirt” and “Nobody likes you Frank, not even Republicans” and “More about Ted ‘Tort Reform’ Vogt” and “Southern Arizona Tea-Publicans, enablers for the state of Maricopa” and “LD 14: ‘Stevens and Gowan are not deserving of re-election'”

Arizona Ballot Propositions:

McDermott: “Arizona Ballot Propositions 2012”

Bryan: “Ballot Propositions and Referenda for 2012 Voter Guide”

Pima Democratic Party Ballot Recomendations

Blue: “Horizon (PBS) on Prop. 115: Undermining the Judicial Merit Selection System” and “Horizon (PBS) on Prop. 204: Quality Education and Jobs Act” and “Horizon (PBS) on Prop. 121: Open Elections/Open Government Act” and “The CAP assault on the independence of the judiciary” and “Arizona Supreme Court puts the ‘Top Two Primary’ initiative on the ballot – now defeat this terrible idea” and “Ivory tower political theory meets cold hard reality: the false premise of the ‘top two primary’ system”

Safier: “Without Prop. 204, here are the people you’re trusting to fund our children’s education”

State Corporation Commission:

Lord: “Marcia Busching for Corporation Commission”

Blue: “Horizon (PBS) Clean Elections Debate for Arizona Corporation Commission”

Pima County:

Safier: Tanner Bell in deeper hot water over connections to Independent Expenditure Committees”

Safier: “Does anyone trust Ally Miller?” and “Steve Kozachik speaks out against Ally Miller” and “New video for Nancy Young Wright’s campaign”

Maricopa County:

McDermott: “The Arpaio Scandals: It’s getting where you need a scorecard to tell them apart”

Blue: “The Arizona Republic endorses Paul Penzone for Maricopa County Sheriff” and “Crazy Uncle Joe Arpaio to hold Birtherpalooza” and “Rolling Stone feature on Crazy Uncle Joe Arpaio” and “Time for a new MCSO Sheriff in town”

Tucson – TUSD:

Safier: “TUSD Board endorsements” and “Observations and recommendations from last night’s TUSD candidate forum”

Powers: TUSD Candidate Forum, Parts 1 (improvement), 2 (testing), 3 (PE), 4 (finance), 5 (unions), 6 (MAS)

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