CNN reporter exposes tea parties as GOP-organized right-wing Obama haters

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Watch and learn boys and girls, CNN reporter Susan Roesgen demonstrates how a real reporter covers this corporate Astroturf non-event. Congratulations to Roesgen for having the guts to call out these tea bag protesters as the GOP-organized group of right-wing Obama haters that they are. And she reminds viewers that the tea parties were "highly promoted by the right-wing conservative Network Fox."

Hard to expose this fraud any better than this. Terrific job:

The first guy interviewed says Obama is a "fascist" but he cannot explain why. Hmm, maybe because Jonah Goldberg, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and the rest of the clowns at Faux News told him to say this?

The second guy interviewed says he is protesting because he believes in what Lincoln stood for. Pick up a history book, guy. Lincoln presided over the largest expansion of federal power up to that point in our history, and Lincoln imposed the first "income tax" to pay for the Civil War (later repealed).

Clueless in Chicago.

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0 responses to “CNN reporter exposes tea parties as GOP-organized right-wing Obama haters

  1. I hope CNN goes down as well Stephen but for other reasons. How about Fox? Didn’t they help organize these events? Seems like you might like to hope for Fox to go down in flames as well.

  2. Stephen Howard

    Obama is not a Facist. Socialist/Communist, yes. As for CNN. A reporters job is to report, and not to comment. I guess she does commentary work along with reporting at the same time. Amazing. I believe there are many different types of people who are protesting. Some I believe in, others I do not. But for a Reporter to question someone who has a RIGHT under the Constitution to Assemble Freely and speak there mind right or wrong, is totally amazing to me.
    She was Lucky I was not there. I would have chewed her out.
    I hope CNN crashes and burns. No objectivity at all.
    No Journalistic integrity.

    I hope she gets fired.

  3. Matthew Page

    “Corporate Astroturf event?” You mean like a rally? No wonder CNN’s ratings are in the toilet with reporting like this. This lady is the next Baghdad Bob. She should be fired.

  4. Michael Parker

    Well, it appears that the Tea Baggers have been reading their Ayn Rand and learned the value of tautology: A is A; Obama is a fascist because he is.

  5. Wow. Lockstep republican droids caught on tape doing what only they do best.

    The republican party has not exhausted it’s supply of collective ignorence. Their party RUNS on collective ignorence…if they could, they would drill collective ignorence out of ANWR and barrell it for future consumption.

  6. :::laughing::: I thought for sure we had seen the last of the collective ignorance once the campaign season was over. Cue Joe the Plumber in ten…nine…eight…seven….