Crop Art Installation in Phoenix


Link: Crop Cul-de-Sac | Metropolis Magazine.

Cool! For once, someone has done something artistic with crops who isn’t a space alien.

The 30 acre field is a one third scale replica of a new nearby Planned Unit Development. The artist’s family sold part of their farm to developers to build the real development.

I guess this may be a very elaborate way to expiate guilt for killing the citrus groves that had stood on that land for the past 70 years.

But this piece of monumental sculpure/installation is also a eerie glimpse into the future of the very land the peice sits on. It may not be destined to look exactly like this, but being part of such a development is almost inevitably in the future of this plot. Farm land surrounding Phoenix will contuned to be plowed under in favor of residential and commerical unless a sensible growth boundary is established for the sprawling metropolis. Some day soon, a drive up I-10 to Phoenix Metro will only take a few minutes, becase Phoenix Metro will have come to us.