For the people in Arizona Congressional District (CD) Four who no longer want the distinction of being represented by Conspiracy loving fringe reactionary Paul Gosar, Delina DiSanto offers a different vision and mode of leadership for the area.

Whereas Paul Gosar acts like an immature Freedom Caucus Reactionary, Delina Di Santo offers a mature hand at helping steer the ship of state.


Whereas Paul Gosar subscribes to fringe right-wing conspiracy theories, Delina DiSanto offers the constituents of CD Four reality and evidence-based policy considerations.

Whereas Paul Gosar works for the extreme right and embraces backward policies that most of the people do not favor (he voted against funds for 9/11 first responders,) Delina Di Santo will work to move CD Four forward and champion policies that heal the sick, educate the young, protect the Earth, respect all, and provide opportunities for economic and personal success.

A former health care finance director and aide to former Colorado Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell, Ms. DiSanto graciously took the time to discuss her candidacy for CD Four.

The questions and her responses are below.

1) Please tell the voters three reasons they should pick you over your opponent Representative Gosar?

  • “I want to have health care for all. A Medicare plan choice for people to pick from along with private insurers. The price of a Medicare plan will be much less than private plans, cover more services, and have lower deductibles.”
  • “I want to and will protect public lands and national parks, so we do not sell off to mining and drilling interests.”
  • “He is not well suited for office because of his immature and fringe remarks on social media inciting hatred and promoting white nationalism and conspiracy theories.”

2) Please tell the voters at least three ways Mr. Gosar has failed the voters of Congressional District Four.

  • He does not want to protect Americans with preexisting conditions because he wants private insurance companies to decide coverage of diseases or illness.”
  • “He has voted against the paycheck fairness act which hurts women and minorities.”
  • “He has voted against protecting Medicare and wants to privatize it.”

3) Please tell the voters at least three domestic issues you feel are important to pursue if you are elected to the House of Representatives?

  • “Health care for all.”
  • “Jobs and the Infrastructure Bill.”
  • “Protecting Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.”

4) Please tell the voters at least three international issues you feel are important to pursue if you are elected to the House of Representatives?

  • “Global health because with Trump defunding the World Health Organization and CDC will further jeopardize our health and global and national economy,”
  • “International Human Rights like protecting children from child sex trafficking, promoting LGBTQ rights, and protecting those who oppose authoritarianism.”
  • “Our national security. Our military and allies need to be protected. With all the Mideast conflict, we need to find a way to deal with the refugees and help our allies. We need to have diplomacy, development, and defense when needed.”

5) Is there anything you would like the voter to know about you or your candidacy that has not been asked in the first four questions.

 “Working for Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell, I learned from watching him and others (like McCain, Hatch, Ted Kennedy, and Biden) to listen and how to work together and compromise. I want to bring that experience back to Washington D.C.”

 For more information on Delina DiSanto and her candidacy, please click on her webpage here and her Facebook Page here.

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