Democratic Candidates Should Have This List as an Index Card at All Times to Tell Voters Why They Should Vote for Them

In AZ Blue Meanie’s Cartoons of the Week, I was struck by this item that came from the below tweet:

While some criteria/statements could be added like Republicans are against science (especially climate and Anti COVID measures,)the accurate teaching of history, exposure to a variety of literary sources, and LGBTQ rights, Democratic candidates should carry this list as an index card at all times on them to remind voters what they are for and what Republicans are against.

Democrats should also regularly highlight the achievements of the Biden/Harris Administration including:

  • The creation of millions of jobs.
  • The COVID 19 vaccination of three quarters of the country.
  • The American Rescue Plan.
  • The Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan.
  • The diversification of the federal judiciary including the nomination of the first Black Woman to the Supreme Court.

With the 2022 elections eight months away, it is vital for Democrats to get on message with the American People.

A recent poll from the Washington Post showed a 37 percent approval for President Biden and a 49 percent preference for Republicans in the November elections.

This leads to the question:

What are the American People smoking?

With what the Republicans have done to the American People and the country in recent history, Democrats should not even have to carry a list.

It is unbelievable that close to a majority of the American People:

  • Want the Republicans, the party that willingly embraced Anti Covid safety positions that killed many of their own supporters, to regain power.
  • Want the Republicans, the party whose leaders said January 6, 2021 was “legitimate political discourse,” to control Congress again.
  • Want the Republicans, the party whose leaders in all the states that they control who are suppressing the right to vote, to hold the levers of the legislative branch of government.
  • Want the Republicans, the party whose members openly profess support for banning books and the inaccurate teaching of Americans History, to head the House and Senate Education Committees.

The people think Biden is not strong or just as bad as his twice impeached Pro Putin predecessor?

What have they been watching over the last year? Too much Fox News?

Unlike Mr. Trump, Biden:

  • Took COVID 19 seriously and vaccinated the country.
  • Supports American Democracy.
  • Took the country out of Afghanistan.
  • Secured a bipartisan infrastructure deal.
  • Restored ties with the Nation’s allies.
  • Has the most diverse record for judicial nominees.

Again, what are these people smoking?

Democrats, despite what is staring in front of the American People’s face, need to remind them what they support (and voted for) which is everything they (the people) want including funding the police and securing the border.

Republicans should not and can not be allowed to put one over on the American People again.

Do not fall for it again people.

Please remember what it was like when George W. Bush and Donald Trump were President and the Republicans controlled Congress during parts of their Administrations.

It is astounding that you can forget.


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  1. This is a very good idea but candidates also need to be ready with specific answers when asked “How are you going to achieve________?”. Stating goals is great but that needs to be followed with the methods for getting them achieved.

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