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CD-1 Democratic House Candidate Conor O’Callaghan.

Conor O’Callaghan is running for Congress as a Democrat in AZ01. He is an Irish immigrant who grew up in Congressional District 1. He excelled in Scottsdale public schools, which took him to an Ivy League university. Conor has a B.S. in Economics, a B.A.S. in Engineering, and a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Pennsylvania, plus a JD from Fordham. O’Callaghan is a Managing Director at BTIG. Learn more about Conor at: conorforaz.com.

Last week during the State of the Union, President Biden shared with the nation what devastated families have begged him for in the aftermath of the horrific mass shootings: “Do something…” 

This country has been paralyzed by inaction for decades. I remember watching the madness of Columbine unfold as a high school student. I thought we would surely extend the ban on assault weapons and enact stricter gun laws in response. We didn’t. Instead, the ban expired and nearly thirty years later, we are living in a constant state of unease. 

As parents we wonder – Where will the next mass shooting be? Will it be my kids at school? Will it be when I am at the store? The movie theater? 

This is wrong. Americans should not be living in fear.

Let me state the obvious: unless we give President Biden a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate, nothing will change. If we control Congress and the White House, we can finally pass 21st-century common-sense gun laws. 

Everyone wants to talk about background checks and assault weapons bans. We need both. But there is more that can be done. The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), passed in 2005, has shielded gun manufacturers and sellers from legal liability in cases where their products are used in criminal activities. I think this free pass stymies accountability within the industry and blocks efforts to enhance firearm safety standards. 

Repealing PLCAA will create an environment where the gun industry is held responsible for its products. This will encourage manufacturers to prioritize safety in their designs and prompt sellers to exercise greater diligence in the distribution process. 

I also believe we are long overdue for federal legislation that empowers the private sector to help solve gun safety issues. Fingerprint sensor technologies are a promising development in firearm safety. This allows weapons to function solely when handled by an authorized individual whose unique biometric data is recognized by the firearm. In Congress, in the absence of an assault weapons ban, I will introduce a bill that would raise the minimum age to purchase assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines from 18 to 21. 

Whether we flip the House or not, I’ll fight like hell to get meaningful gun reforms passed. But I implore voters to give President Biden a Democratic majority. It is time to do something. Our kids are looking to us to protect them.

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  1. Excellent! We may flip and get it done.OF COURSE we’re voting for Biden, and down the ticket.

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