Domestic Terrorists should not be released on Bail.

FILE – U.S. District Court in Maryland photo of firearms and ammunition that was part of the weaponry former Coast Guard officer (and aspiring White Nationalist) Christopher Hasson planned to use on a mass attack against leading public servants and journalists. The judge overseeing the case, because there are no current laws governing domestic terrorism, is forced to release Hasson on bail. Oy Vey.

Remember who Christopher Hasson is?

He is the Coast Guard officer who authorities arrested in February after they found he was planning a mass attack on Washington and other East Coast Democratic Political and Journalistic leading figures including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Senator. Elizabeth Warren, Senator Cory Booker, Senator Kamala Harris, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, and CNN’s Don Lemon.

Hasson seems to have been inspired by the White Nationalist-Supremacist fecal matter that motivated the attackers who recently attacked a Mosque in New Zealand and two Synagogues in Pittsburgh and San Diego.

Last week, the Judge overseeing the case against Hasson has ruled that since there are no current federal laws on domestic terrorism, that the aspiring domestic terrorist can be released on supervised bail.

This is outrageous. Does that mean that the 19 year old that attacked and killed an elderly woman (and injured three others) during Passover Services at the Synagogue near San Diego on April 26, 2019, should be released into supervised daycare with his parents with no supper before bed?

Consider the history of domestic terrorism over the last 24 years. Oklahoma City in 1995. The Sikh Temple in Wisconsin in 2012. The Church shooting in Charleston in 2015. Numerous attacks on Jewish and Moslem Community or Holy Sites. There have been more people arrested over the last two years for Domestic Terrorism than Foreign Inspired Terrorism.

Yet there are no laws governing the prosecution of domestic terrorists (including those who belong to white nationalist cliques) and since 9/11, federal authorities have only been able to apply current anti-terrorism law against “34 right-wing extremists compared to 500” foreign-inspired ones.

Are there so many public servants in political office that feel a need to cater to these fringe elements of society that they cannot allow the crafting of law for a President to sign that protects the nation’s citizens from domestic terrorists being released on bail?

Of course, the situation is not helped when the current occupant of the White House (an individual who has been endorsed by the KKK), despite the prepared statements delivered on a teleprompter, has publicly commented that white nationalism is not a serious problem and “there are good people on both sides.”

It is time for our public servants, especially on the reactionary side, to wake up and address the rising dangers of domestic terrorism. If they will not, they need to get out of the way and let the people that want to protect the country from both domestic and foreign terrorists enact laws that will keep the actual terrorists in jail rather than sending them home and hoping they will stay in their room and not behave badly.