Donald Dementia Trump has Logorrhea

“Putin has so little respect for Obama that he’s starting to throw around the nuclear word. You heard that. Nuclear. He’s starting to talk nuclear weapons today,” said Trump.

The audience at the rally in Virginia went silent.

It was at least the third time Trump confused Obama with Biden. It was just one example of Trump’s logorrhea, or verbal diarrhea, in a growing number of dementia-powered verbal blunders by Trump.

See if you can make sense of these mental malapropisms:

Even Argentina. They went MAGA. Argentina. Great guy. He’s a big Trump guy. He loves Trump. I love him because he loves Trump.”

“We are a nation that just recently heard that Saudi Arabia and Russia will re re oh What?”

“Last Tuesday, Michigan total was a record. Like, bang. Boom. This is me. I, I hear. Bing.”

Gaseous malice

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough summed up Trump: “It’s just so pathetic and sad. No, he’s not doing it on purpose. He’s not doing any of this stuff on purpose. And so you take the fact that his mind blanks out, and he looks lost. It actually looks like a sad scene to me to see somebody up on stage blanking out and getting lost.”

Political commentator Charles Sykes said Trump exudes “this gaseous malice that you get from these gaffe-filled speeches.” He added, “Joe Biden will be able to say, yeah, I’m old. I’m very stiff when I walk, but this guy is also old, and he’s crazy, dangerous, and incoherent.”

For more Trump gaffes, see Trump Dementia = Biden Re-election

But wait! There are more Trump mental breakdowns:

“I’m being indicted for you. I am. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. I’m allowed to do whatever I want. He stinks. That’s not the kind of people, you know, that we talk. This is a positive swamping.”

“I, uh, purposely mix up like a name like Birdbrain. You know who Birdbrain is? But you know what? So you interchange them and then they go out with stories. I cannot be sarcastic, so I, I try not to be. I just did that thing for the first time in like two weeks because it’s a disaster.”

“We are a third world nation now. They don’t have the pilots to fly the planes. They don’t see qualified air traffic controllers. We’re going to be very strong. We’re going to take over Washington, D.C. We’re going to run it properly. We’re going to How does the back of my head look? Is it okay? I’m like an artist.”

As Trump ages, his brain has changed. According to the National Institute on Aging (NIA), certain parts of the brain shrink, including those important to learning and other complex mental activities; communication between neurons may be less effective, and blood flow in the brain may decrease.

In other words, Trump has squatted down, and he’s spewing dementia. He’s just pooping out words.

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22 thoughts on “Donald Dementia Trump has Logorrhea”

  1. Evidently, Democrat operatives now realize that President Biden’s dementia is worsening and will be very apparent by election day. No doubt some hope that he will make it until election day to allow for a smooth transition to VP Harris, the only candidate less popular than Biden. Others may hope that it becomes so obvious by the convention that they nominate someone else, someone other than Harris.

    In the meantime, operatives like Bodine will try to convince people that Trump has dementia pointing to the occasional slipups everyone makes. Ain’t gonna work. People are not stupid.

    As for me, I am rooting for Biden as the Democrat nominee, to insure a Trump victory.

    • What’s that you say Johnny? Hard to understand when you’re trying to talk with your idol’s mushroom manhood bobbing in your mouth.

      • Since whoever monitors this site allows crude comments, maybe that person should apologize to readers for your disgusting remark.

        • PS. I did not know that the level of discourse could sink any lower on this blog but you took it lower.

          • BfA discourse never sinks lower than then when you type your smugly mindless partisan garbage and hit “send”.

        • Truth (metaphorical or not) hurts doesn’t it Johnny? To all other offended and non-offended commenters, I apologize. You, on the other hand, can crawl back under your bridge.

    • John Government Checks Kavanagh, please get checked, I think some windmill must have given you brain cancer.

      Or perhaps you have some lingering after effects from injecting bleach. Or maybe one of those COVID curing light bulbs got stuck in your lungs.

      Seriously, one day right wing media says Biden is an evil genius out to destroy America, the next day he’s a doddering old goof.

      Which one is it, John?

      I mean that degree you have from Trump University means you’re a really smart fella, right? Because Trump is super smart, that’s why he wanted to build a 2,200 mile long moat at the US border, and to use a nuke to stop a hurricane.

      We know convicted rapist Donald J. Trump is super smart, because Man Woman Person Camera TV.

      Also, WHALE!


    • You have a good point, John. Trump has been talking trash for so long it’s hard to say whether he’s suffering from dementia. I think that people are just listening more closely now that we have two geriatric candidates and dementia has apparently become the most important issue.

      Also, Trump has a lot on his mind. I honestly do not know how he can keep track of his legal battles plus show up at his campaign Klan rallies to raise money for his legal defense expenses. Confusing Obama with Biden while talking trash at a Klan rally is certainly not proof of dementia.

      All we know for sure about these two geriatric candidates is that if they both make it to November and either one of them wins, more than half the voters will have a president they don’t like.

      • Trump is multi-tasking at warp speed while Biden has trouble exiting the stage. You all can see that.

        • Plus he spends all that time on Truth Social attacking judges, DAs, the Attorney General, etc…

          He’s got a lot going on, I’ll give you that.

        • John, the reason it seems like Trump is multi-tasking at warp speed is because he has all those court dates to juggle from the 91 indictments and is hustling to get his sucker supporters to fork over small donations so he can pay his legal bills. As to the President, I think his criss crossing the battle ground states should lay to rest the contention from the other side that he lacks stamina for a second term. I saw him at the Intel event last month. He seemed fine.

          • I think the ultimate decider as to whether or not President Biden has serious problems with dementia is whether or not he debates Trump. If his campaign says that they will not lower themselves to debating Donald trump, then he clearly has serious dementia problems and they are afraid that it would be revealed in a one-on-one debate. Time will tell. Do you think he will confront Trump? If he cannot confront Trump, how can he confront America’s enemies?

          • In my opinion, the day Joe Biden won the 2020 election was during the debates when he wondered if the clown would shut up and the January 6 2021 enabler told the Proud Boys to stand by. Joe Biden will have no problem handling Mr. 91 indictments when the debates occur. Take care.

          • What John Government Checks Kavanagh is saying is that convicted rapist Donald J Trump did not show up for the GOP debates because he has dementia.

            There can be no other explanation, according to John Government Checks Kavanagh’s vast medical knowledge.

            And John Government Checks Kavanagh is saying Biden must debate convicted rapist Donald J Trump because convicted rapist Donald J Trump is one of America’s enemies.

            Man, I learn so much from the comments section.


          • Of course Senator Kavanagh neglected to acknowledge that his candidate refused to debate his opponents in the Republican primaries. What bravery?

        • Hey John Government Checks Kavanagh, how about you put your money where your mouth is and put everything into $DJT stock?

          I mean if you really trust Trump why wouldn’t you? You’ll be rich, right?

          Because it’s not a scam set up to get money from rubes to pay Trump’s legal fees, right? It’s a legit company, right?

          And you’d recommend everyone you know to buy up as much DJT stock as they can get, right?

          Even if Biden stroked out on stage we’d still vote for him over Trump because we vote for values and ideals and morals, not a person, and especially a convicted rapist con man.

          America is not a reality show, dumbass.

          Seriously, what does this freak think he’s accomplishing here?

          • C’mon, Sharpie, if it weren’t for JK this blog would get about one comment every three days.

          • Points for Liza.

            I do enjoy pointing out what a hypocrite the idiot is, how he’ll say one this one day and the opposite the next, or how he can reveal just how confused he is about most things in just one sentence.

            But the people that need to see what an idiot he is probably don’t read B4AZ.

            We could write an entire book debunking just the stupid things he says here, but that would draw Putin’s attention, and that never goes well.

            I do worry about him, though, his worshipping convicted rapist Donald J Trump is prolly making Jesus jealous, and that also never turns out good from what I hear.

          • “…his worshipping convicted rapist Donald J Trump…”

            That’s what I admire about JGCK and his ilk. Putting an adjudicated rapist and Putin stooge over loyalty to the country. As they slap themselves on the back while proclaiming what great “patriots” they are.

          • Good point Liza. As one of the few mature and intelligent people on this blog, could you answer a question for me? Based on the number of posters and commentators on this blog, do more than 40 people view it?

          • John, I have no guess as to how many people read this blog. They have 2.4K followers on Facebook so two to three thousand readers might be in the ball park.

            AZBlueMeanie being gone has probably affected the number of readers.

            I’ve wondered about the lack of comments, but I don’t think it’s for lack of readers. The exception, of course, is when you spark a conversation. 🙂

  2. There’s a full seven months until the election.

    Predictably, we’ll be hearing about the mental and physical fitness of the two geriatric candidates until it’s finally and mercifully over.

    God help us.

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